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Why use Financials, Distribution, Manufacturing and Planning - R4 Enterprise?

Key differentiators & advantages of Financials, Distribution, Manufacturing and Planning - R4 Enterprise

  • R4 adapts to your unique business requirements and ensures smooth, efficient process execution. R4's advanced process automation technology handles routine tasks and lets you continuously improve processes in response to changing business conditions. Built-in scalability lets you add users, products, production sites or warehouses, and make other changes as business grows.
  • The R4 System lets you manage key performance indicators that tie to financial performance results and set operating goals to improve each KPI, such as reducing inventory to improve cost of goods sold.
  • R4 analyzes every part of the business, from orders through production to delivery. You can gather, analyze and act on data, with a full understanding of how each customer, product, and process contributes to the results.
  • R4 helps you run your international operations as well, by handling letters of credit, exchange rates, multiple currencies and languages. Global taxation support provided in the R4 Enterprise System helps you comply with important taxation rules quickly and easily.
  • Real-time data allows your staff to visualize the link between the business goals they manage and the financial performance targets for the company, so they can take measures to bring processes back into alignment. The R4 Enterprise System lets your company identify sources of performance variation so you can modify product designs, change manufacturing processes, or make other performance improvements.
  • Reporting is done through industry standard Crystal Reports. All modules and utilities were written and developed by Royal 4 Systems utilizing a powerful embedded relational database (RDBMS), which is supplied with the system.
  • The R4 Enterprise System is a complete supply chain management solution with financials, distribution, manufacturing, planning, inventory management and reporting capabilities.
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