Benefits and Insights

Why use AdvantEdge?

Key differentiators & advantages of AdvantEdge

  • Easily customize to your business AdvantEdge delivers unprecedented access to your data and the ability to manipulate it to the specific needs of your business. Your savings begin when you don’t have to change the way your business operates to accommodate the constraints of your collection software system.

  • Less time to train simple yet greater employee productivity AdvantEdge is an intuitive, program that is familiar to your employees. They’ll be productive from the very first day. Considering the ongoing challenge of training new employees, AdvantEdge can literally save you thousands of man-hours in training and lost productivity over time.

  • Easily scales for growth The hassle of implementing a brand new debt software system can put a damper on a company’s growth. With AdvantEdge, you’ll never have this problem. Our solution will seamlessly grow with you, no matter how many employees you decided to add to your payroll.

  • Built on today’s standards Unlike other systems, AdvantEdge was designed specifically for an open MS SQL Database environment. Everything your employees need, and the instant visibility you demand, is simply a mouse-click away. No complex keystrokes to remember. No training hassles. AdvantEdge delivers the powerful features and functions you expect in todays environment.

  • Advanced inventory control AdvantEdge lets you easily perform cross queries by virtually any number of variables: Client, product, balance ranges, collector queues, best time to call and so much more. Once you have isolated your criteria, you can then move, document or export your accounts, managing your inventory—and your business—your way.

  • Unequaled support Whether it’s converting data from another platform or providing custom training sessions to help you and your employees get the most out of your debt collection software, you will find Accelerated Data Systems® to be among your most helpful and resourceful partners. We also offer on-site and telephone-based training for the convenience of your staff, or in-depth, personalized training at our corporate office in Colorado. 
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