Benefits and Insights

Why use Clearswift Adaptive Data Loss Prevention?

Key differentiators & advantages of Clearswift Adaptive Data Loss Prevention

  • Data Discovery and Visibility of personal data distributed and hidden on servers, desktops/notebooks, and network shares, while inspecting information before it leaves your organization through email, web, social media and cloud storage and collaboration apps. 

  • Unparalleled Deep Content Inspection that is not limited by zip/encryption, file size, analysis timing delays, virtual environment evasion techniques or multiple embedded document layers is proving to provide the highest detection rates of sensitive data attempting to leave the organization.  
  • Automated Sanitization and Data Redaction for Legal Reviews and Compliance – Prevents the leak of sensitive data (i.e. hidden metadata, revision information and auto-saved data associated with documents and images) by automating the sanitization of important documents and messages common with legal reviews and compliance procedures.    

  • Adaptive Security applied in real-time based on specific policy, whether it calls for automated redaction, encryption, blocking, moving or deleting. 
  • Prevents false positives that have become absolute showstopper for a number of organizations that deployed traditional DLP. In fact, they have been known to be so disruptive and overwhelming that organizations significantly scaled back their initial deployment or designated it to shelfware status. Adaptive DLP’s ability to redact only the sensitive data that breaks policy allows the rest of the communication or web sharing of information to continue and all but eliminates false positives.
  • Inbound Threat Protection – Enables a proactive approach to preventing a data breach at the initial point of attack. Newer cyberattacks are going unnoticed by major AV scans and basic hygiene. Organizations need to prevent more advanced malware and APTs from creating a breach at the start by removing malicious, active content from entering the network.  

  • Cost-effective for all size organizations - Often 2 to 3 times less expensive than the high-price tag and extensive service fees associated with traditional DLP, Adaptive DLP also helps organizations reduce costs associated with managing false positives, distributed reviews   and releases to direct supervisors and the need to purchase multiple security tools (i.e. Anti-malware, legal redaction and sanitization, PCI / HIPAA / GDPR compliance, etc.).  
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