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Top CRM Companies to Watch in 2016

When evaluating the right CRM system for your company, you need to know which packages excel in terms of features and functionality that your business can use. SelectHub has evaluated more than 100 top CRM companies across 20 different features/functionality sets. We’ve received input from multiple sources, such as customers who have purchased the products and feedback from top industry analysts.

Below are CRM vendors that offer the highest level of service to businesses and are the SelectHub Top CRM companies to Watch in 2016.

Infor CRM

With Infor CRM, your company maintains ownership over the entire system, whether you deploy a cloud-based or on-premise solution. Infor CRM enables individuals and teams to create and manage campaigns in half the time, and campaigns can be managed with one third the human resources. This package enables the sales team to increase customer engagement and response rates, and receive fast feedback on their efforts.

Microsoft (Dynamics CRM Online)

Businesses can deploy Microsoft Dynamics as a cloud-based service, on-premise or as a hybrid system. This package tracks and integrates your contacts’ social streams into CRM-based reporting and metrics, enabling quick response for building customer relationships.

Mothernode CRM

Mothernode is a cloud-based customer relationship management system that allows small and medium size businesses to pay for only the services and storage they use. Scalable to 1001+ users, Mothernode can quickly adapt to fit the needs of any SMB. Though many CRM systems provide mobile portability, Mothernode was designed around a mobile workforce with features that support doing business on the go. Unlike other SaaS CRM services, Mothernode offers SMBs true month-to-month subscription plans.

NetSuite CRM+

NetSuite CRM streamlines the entire customer experience, from lead to customer purchase, upsells and renewals. This package provides a 360 degree view of the business-customer relationship, and includes automated tools like upsell management and sales forecasting to facilitate and manage the relationship.

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Nimble CRM

The central focus of the Nimble CRM package is to improve customer relations by managing, tracking and engaging each contact. Nimble provides SMBs with a complete view of the history of engagements with the contact, as well as the contact’s social media activity. This package analyzes the relevancy and shared interests of each contact, revealing common connections and why the contact is of interest to the business.

Oracle Siebel CRM

Oracle Siebel CRM offers a comprehensive solution that integrates customer engagement data, transactional data and analytical metrics into a complete management system for your business. This package is tailored to the needs of more than 20 industries, and is provided as an on-demand or on-premise solution for businesses of any size.

Sage CRM

Uniquely designed for small to mid-size businesses, Sage CRM is an affordable option for SMBs, and the company boasts of quick software deployment so your company can focus on doing business instead of learning the platform. With Sage CRM mobile features, your sales force can access contact information from any mobile device.

Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud

As the names imply, Sales Cloud and Service Cloud are cloud-based systems for managing customer relationships. Sales Cloud and Service Cloud were created by the leader in Software as a Service CRM platforms, Salesforce. Manage all channels of contact communication, including phone, email, direct mail, and social media accounts with these packages. The SaaS model allows businesses to pay for only the services they use, and the products are scalable and can be integrated with other Salesforce services.

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SelectHubTop CRM Companies to Watch in 2016

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