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Reference Guide to Picking a CRM Platform

Picking the right CRM platform for your business requires countless decisions, so it can be hard to tell if you’ve covered all your bases. You don’t want to make it through the deployment before finding out the CRM is missing a key feature that your company needs for growth. Instead of going into a mission critical choice blind, use the following resources to guide you in your CRM platform¬†selection process.

CRM Checklists

Not sure what features CRM has to offer? Look at SelectHub’s Massive CRM Features and Functionality List to get an idea of everything CRM solutions can do for your business. Your sales team is going to eat this document up, and you can use it to pick out the highest priority features as a guideline for the rest of the selection process.

The CRM Checklist and Requirements Template gives you a thorough checklist with 30 significant CRM features and a description of why each feature listed is important. If the Massive CRM Features and Functionality List above is too overwhelming, this is a more focused start to get you on your CRM journey.

CRM Selection Criteria and Tools

Identifying Your CRM Selection Criteria provides you with a process to determine which features and functionality are the best for the short and long term goals of your business. It covers primary functionalities, cost, integration and post-sales support considerations for your business.

Create your requirements list with Defining Your CRM Selection Criteria and Evaluation Process. This guide helps you understand which selection criteria are truly relevant to your business, how to create an evaluation process that works for you, and other important considerations during the beginning phases of your CRM evaluation.

Need a CRM in a hurry? The CRM Software Selection Quick Start Guide gives you a quick reference for understanding what role a CRM plays in your business, the most important selection criteria, and how to use SelectHub and other sources for vendor selection and comparison.

Split between a few CRM platforms? SelectHub’s Free CRM Comparison Tool and Best Practices lets you put these vendors head-to-head, comparing high priority features and understanding the best CRM practices for a vendor selection that works best for your business.

SelectHubReference Guide to Picking a CRM Platform

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