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5 CRM Innovations for 2016

Customer relationship management has evolved significantly over the last couple of years and organizations of all sizes are benefiting from it. While robust and effective CRMs are more available than ever, you need to know the available features and what specific functions your organization needs.  As the technology continues to evolve, here are 5 CRM innovations we see occurring now and moving into 2016.

Improved Communication Timelines and Management

Timelines for all your conversations means keeping track of calls, email threads, meeting notes, and scheduled activities. This alone can save the company, and clients, loads of time if it’s done efficiently. CRM in 2016 is all about better storing and organizing communication so anyone is able to follow the flow. Several features are involved to accomplish this:
  • The Click to Call feature, included or integrated, can call directly from the system and provide live help from within the website using your data sources.
  • Email templates personalize letters using auto-fill rules. Sales representatives can even use pre-existing templates straight from their preferred email like Gmail or Outlook.
  • Meeting notes are easily entered and directed to the appropriate lead, sales consultant, and company, so they can be found by the right people on your team.
  • Frequent activities should be automated. This organization creates collaboration within your team, and manages your business better.

Blooming Third party Integrations

Soon, through enough third party integrations, sales and marketing will be able to do just about everything through their CRM. Some ideas include:

  • UserVoice and Zendesk are among a few integrations to help with support tickets and team responses.
  • MailChimp and other mail integrations helps with bulk email promotions and tagging them for timelines.
  • Other helpful integrations include Google Microsoft Exchange, Wufoo, RightSignature, and more.
  • Automated social media platforms like, Hootsuite and Buffer, assist in scheduling unlimited posts, managing social media networks, tracking conversations, and measuring social media performance from a single dashboard.

Advancements in Reports and Dashboards

View summaries of activities and metrics at a glance, observe sales performance, lead volume and pipelines, as well as purchases and upsell prospects. With advanced filtering the data, everyone can create, save, and share reports that are most pertinent to their functions and goals.

Further, you can Identify trends, discover prospects, improve your customer service experience, increase proficiency and minimize costs with the correct answers. Dashboards are now commonplace, helping organize the key information you need quickly.

Also, passing data from web analytics, social media platforms and other data sources helps to provide even more insightful and actionable information. You can build automation based on this information that helps in the creation of tasks and triggers.

CRM in 2016 will be so deeply combined with marketing automation that you’ll soon consider them one in the same (though you’ll often need multiple platforms still to get the best-in-class options. To find the right one for your business, start your evaluation process with a CRM requirements template.

SelectHub5 CRM Innovations for 2016

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