SelectHub & CTA Member Community Program

Colorado Technology Association and SelectHubWelcome Colorado Technology Association member community!

The CTA member community can now use SelectHub to manage their key technology selection projects, utilizing a library of requirements templates, IT provider ranking systems and collaborative tools. This new offering is available at no cost to the CTA member community (technology buyers only) and includes access to the SelectHub platform along with a concierge‐led, white‐glove service.

This new program includes:

  • Free platform access for requirements gathering and IT provider scorecarding
  • Unlimited technology selection projects
  • 4 hours of concierge service per selection project
  • Special CTA member community training and events

How it works:

  1. The SelectHub platform lays down a streamlined follow-up track between you and the IT provider community, entirely controlled by you – the economic buyer.
  2. The concierge-led service allows you to input relevant stats and details about your upcoming technology purchases into the SelectHub platform, match up those requirements with relevant IT providers and invite them to respond to those requirements in a structured manner (which allows you to better control the interaction).
  3. You are then presented back with a detailed IT provider scorecard that you and your team members can assess at the right time for your schedule.

IT Provider Opportunity AssessmentA white-glove service enabling CTA members to put in business goals and requirements (max 50 per project) for their upcoming technology purchases while dozens of IT provider responses are brought to you – all within one centralized platform for easy cross-comparison.

Time Savings and Convenience – Stakeholders within CTA member organizations can rate IT provider responses to their specific project requirements at the right time for them (without having to have 1:1 meetings with each and every IT provider upfront to repetitively describe their environment) and identify the right potential IT providers to bring the highest value to their organization. Stakeholders can quickly assess the top three to five IT providers most pertinent to follow up with from the dozens of IT providers in the market!

See If You Qualify

If you are a technology buyer or provider, there is opportunity for you within SelectHub.

To see if you qualify for this exclusive new service, set up a time to talk:

Speed of Execution – The short‐listed IT providers can be rapidly moved to an in‐person meeting, demo, RFP or contract – at the buyer organization’s discretion and pace.

To Learn More:

Please fill out the form on the right to get started. All platform enrollment fees waived for CTA members as long as you sign up before the deadline. 

(DEADLINE EXTENDED!  Offer expires April 30, 2018)

For questions, contact Andrea Young.

Michael ShearerSelectHub & CTA Member Community Program