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G2 Crowd
"Vivantio for IT Ticket Management"
Automated ticketing option is fantastic in Vivantio - it saves us a load of time processing cases logged by our customers, giving a better service.It's easy to configure, user-friendly and we have had excellent training and support.When digging deep into the software, it's highly customized and provides granular levels of access to a variety of features.
In my opinion, I have no complaints on Vivantio as I liked working with it very much.
I will highly recommend others using vivantio based on its current features and accessibility it is currently the best ticket management tool.Use the cloud base solution and you'll be guaranteed all the latest feature and updates as Vivantio moves forwards at a good steady pace.If you have a strong ITIL ethic within your business then definitely look at the ITSM solution!
Information Technology & High Tech
20 - 49
A solid incident management tool.
Clean interface and easy to use. Highly customisable in regards to queues, and an easy to use scheduling system to schedule various automated tickets, with checks or standard template incidents.
It can be quite slow to quickly switch between tickets if you need to compare information between multiple incidents.
All time and incidents easily logged and followed, with easy to use queues for each individual user to keep track of each agent. We're also able to quickly create and view KB articles on the fly to transfer common knowledge.
5000 - 9999
Level 3 Support
Ease of use, Very easy to add and work tickets when needed. This cuts down the delay you would have with bulkier ticket systems. Saving Time and money making service turn around quicker.
Need better tracking of tickets completed/closed per department, person. Graphs are now good at ticket counts.
Working with other service/ticket queues I have found that Vivantio is easy to use. I would like to see a couple features added as well like to see a fix on the graphs. I have been keeping track of my tickets completed to put against graphs and as well per person. I am finding that they don't match what I have completed and sometimes off by 20 tickets or more.