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Software / IT
1000 - 2499
I love Spiro's creative approach to assistants within the platform and the users ability to set the persona. It makes the platform entertaining as well as intuitive.
Too many times when sending e-mails to the assistant the information did not translate accurately when creating prospects, etc. Usually I would have to go into Spiro and update the fields so that they were correct.
500 - 999
What an easy CRM to use and have available
This has been one of the best CRM experiences that I have had. I have used several others, but this was a breeze to use, the phone app is fantastic, integration with corporate email was simple: just everything really.
We have had some cases where we needed some more functionality. However, Spiro was eager to address our concerns and has really come through on our requests.
My company has seen an uptake in overall customer interaction and collaboration between sales personnel. It has been a great place to come together on projects with multiple departments being able to utilize easy to access customer information.
50 - 99
Great Team
Very easy to use while on the road - a great tool for all of our sales people. When used correctly it helps each person become their best.
Not that many cons - really. Coming up the learning curve always takes time. Getting our people to use and to trust it was thew biggest challenge.
I have a better understanding of the sales funnel across the company - helps in allocating resources.