Benefits and Insights

Why use SpinOffice CRM?

Key differentiators & advantages of SpinOffice CRM

  • Manage all your business relationships - Consolidate all your contacts, leads, and customers into one central place. Organize notes, emails, files, and more by relationships’ personal archive to keep information at your fingertips and track customer interactions. 

  • A shared calendar for your team - Instantly a shared calendar is created that's accessible to everyone in your organization. All appointments can be linked to contacts, colleagues and folders in the database. Invitations for appointments can automatically be sent and shielding appointments from others is possible.

  • Fully integration of your mail accounts - SpinOffice CRM is unique in the way it handles email. Once your account credentials and incoming mail server settings are saved, both received and send items are fully integrated. All emails are automatically saved and linked to the right relationship in the database. The inbox will really help you with working more efficiently! 

  • Sync with your mobile devices - Run your business on the go as you can access and manage your data anytime from your laptop (Mac OS X & Windows PC) and iPad whenever you are connected to the Internet. Your email, contacts and the calendar in SpinOffice are synced across your Apple (Calendar, Mail and Contacts App) or Android device.

  • Collaborate as a team  - All customer records, emails or documents created or updated by one user are visible to all the users within the same database. Send internal messages, memos, and create tasks and appointments for each other. The shared calendar shows all events of you and your colleagues. 
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