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20 - 49
A great CRM
I love how easy it was to get this CRM setup and running with-in our organization. In no time I was able to add field and start tracking leads.
The only issue i have is the lack of ability in display views. I wish I had the option for a couple different views for meetings and live views.
But using this CRM our team is ensure that they never miss a lead and are always able to see the information that they need when they need it.
500 - 999
Software Advice
Outlook CRM
This is a very user friendly product. I like the features it has and it connects well with my other programs.
I have not really found any cons, this has worked well in my daily routine and I greatly value it, along with the rest of my team.
Not Available
Used for about 6 months and never felt like a pro at it
The customer/client main page was good and easy to use. It was nice to be able to customize the view and fields to fit what I wanted and used.
I found the reporting process not user friendly and not intuitive to other programs. It seemed clunky and a bit old fashion in the processing and writing.