Benefits and Insights

Why use Project-CRM?

Key differentiators & advantages of Project-CRM

  • Highly Customisable To Fit Your Business - Configure your own views, fields and templates to suit your business requirements. Project CRM works the way you work and can be adapted to show your specific needs with easily accessible tabs that will take you straight through into your required area in as few clicks as possible. 

  • Security - Grant specific rights to different groups of users by role and control the actions different users have the power to take within the CRM system. This security can also be applied to an individual field to ensure that sensitive or secure information can be protected. A full Audit Trail also records which users made updates to each individual record and what information was changed.

  • KMS Data Import Tool - KMS have developed a tool that will allow you to import information from a 3rd Party Data Project Supplier directly into Project CRM with an unprecedented ease of use. This allows you to be able to reach more prospect business in a shorter time span and once the information has been entered into CRM it can be easily tracked and monitored.

  • Services - At KMS we understand that the software is just part of the process. In order for the implementation to be a long-term success, your organisation’s people, technology, and business processes need careful consideration. KMS Consultancy ensures your system is deployed with your specific business and people in mind, rather than just installing the ‘standard’ setup and hoping for the best. From initial requirement mapping and system planning, through to achievable timescales, the KMS Consultancy Team works with you to deliver a system that can realistically deliver your aims.
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