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  • Construction Calendar: Procore provides a Calendar screen giving users a completely customizable view of all tasks entered into a project schedule. Users can access the construction project schedule in a calendar view, available as a daily, weekly or monthly view. Managers can assign project tasks within the schedule and can be represented as individual bars; displaying the task name, resources assigned, and start/finish dates. All tasks can be drilled down to view the Task Detail screen; which allows editing of the items for each task. Whenever the schedule task data points are edited, Procore will require the user to fill in a text box with the reason for the change.
  • Open API: Procore offers an open API system which enables integration with other systems. This includes accounting software, reporting software, scheduling software, storage software, GPS tracking software, and more. It provides a complete app marketplace where users can find this offered integrations.
  • Project Dashboard and Directory: Procore comes with Project Dashboards and Directory letting project authorities and stakeholders quickly see the status of important items on a project and view project warnings for issues that require immediate attention, and the Directory stores all contact data for project team members and vendors, and enable permissions to control data access.
  • Mobility: Procore offers Android and iOS apps for improved communication and delivers information to the builders on the field, with or without an internet connection, ensuring team members stay updated with the current plans. Users on the field can enter the data offline and can update it later when internet connectivity is available.
  • Drawings and Specs Management: Procore is a drawing-centric application. It places everything the team needs such as photos, punch lists, RFIs, submittals, etc. into the current drawing set so every team member can get an access and use them when required.
  • Quality and Safety: Procore's Performance Management allows teams to collect information about their jobs every day. This data can then be used to track performance, mitigate risks, and continuously improve quality and safety processes. It uses real-time data and provides a Quality Observation Dashboard which lets users dive into details to mitigate risks by taking timely action.

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