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  • XperienCentral stores all online interactions for a visitor: every click, every page visited, and every search term filled in. Based on this information, you can set up your CMS so that every visitor is offered the most relevant content. 

  • XperienCentral fits in well, not just at the organizational level, but also at the level of the individual user. This is important because not all CMS users perform the same tasks. For this reason the XperienCentral user interface is very flexible: the end users select for themselves which widgets they have at hand in order to work as efficiently as possible.

  • XperienCentral also integrates seamlessly with back-office systems. Personal details from a form filled in by a website visitor can automatically be sent to a CRM system. If your product database is coupled with XperienCentral, photographs added to your product database are directly accessible to your webshop. In these and other ways your systems can be highly enriched.

  • GX Software supports developers in a wide variety of ways. We offer testing tools that automatically check whether a newly developed plugin meets the minimum requirements necessary to function well. We also have an interactive user platform where developers can, among other things, share knowledge and experience, consult technical documentation (API references, etc.), and download plugins created by other developers.
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