Benefits and Insights

Why use The eZ Publish Platform?

Key differentiators & advantages of The eZ Publish Platform

  • A flexible content repository that adapts to any information architecture & any business needs. Business first!
  • Create once, publish everywhere. Ready for Content Hubs, Content-as-a-Service & the Internet of Things.
  • Any content, across any channel, on any device
  • An integrated, yet open platform efficiently combining all ingredients of a successful digital customer experience.
  • The best of both worlds: Open Source software and Enterprise-grade services.
  • Open Source codebase providing a faster innovation with contributions from the entire eZ ecosystem and the unique ability to extend or customize in order to your specific business needs.
  • Standard Web framework (Symfony2) insuring resource availability.
  • Time to market & maintainability.
  • Full-featured Rest & Public APIs. Best in class at interoperability.
  • Comfortable for developers and designers to build on, customize and extend.
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