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Finding the best Work Order Management Software

Work order management software is a specific kind of enterprise software product that helps to create and manage work orders, usually, work orders for maintenance. The category of work order management software is often folded into another category called Computerized Maintenance Management Software or CMMS. However, the work order management software component focuses on systems that support preventative maintenance, as well as asset maintenance and management processes.

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Main Features of Work Order Management Software

All of the different vendor options for work order management software have various major features in common.

One of the most fundamental is an interface for scheduling a ‘ticketed’ maintenance system.

Most people in facilities management are familiar with the idea of maintenance tickets — a unique number identifier matches the description of the task at hand, generated either by an administrator, a customer or some other party. That ticket has a life cycle that involves maintenance personnel addressing the situation and resolving it or ‘closing out the ticket.’ Work order management brings sophisticated dashboard and interface technologies to the work ticketing process to make it more efficient.

Another major component of most work order management software systems comes in the form of asset resources.

These informational resources usually reside within the system in easily accessible places. They offer key information about a particular piece of equipment or other asset. For example, the asset resources will often show warranty information, as well as best practices for maintenance and preservation. They may also have some tax or financially related information, such as depreciation data.

Yet another major feature of these work order management software systems is reporting features. Different vendor options offer their own different types of proprietary reporting to show enterprise managers more about what’s been done on assets, what needs to be done, and how to schedule the best preventative maintenance for systems. These tools may vary depending on the client’s needs, for example, by industry.

Benefits of Work Order Management Software

The benefits of work order management software have to do with improving and enhancing maintenance systems.

One of the most evident benefits is more preventative maintenance at scheduled times. This leads to more longevity for business assets, less complex and potentially costly emergency maintenance, and a more orderly maintenance shop in general.

In addition to key efficiency outcomes, work order management software provides valuable business intelligence. Most dashboard and reporting systems allow top-level managers to come in and look at how systems are being supported over time. All sorts of data can be mined from this system, to be fed into general business intelligence systems that will help craft a better path forward for the enterprise.

Along with this idea, another key benefit of work order management software is maintenance automation. For example, instead of physical paper tickets and labor-intensive paperwork management, everything takes place in a specially designed digital dashboard, so that information can be automatically, and not manually, updated.

Examples of Popular WOM Software Systems

Some of the major vendor products show how work order management systems can be valuable to a business.

Maintenance Connection

The Work Order is the heart of the Maintenance Connection CMMS. Customers speak about the product’s ease of use, swift reporting, and robust power to improve asset life & reduce downtime for maintenance organizations big and small.


The Netfacilities work order management platform is cloud-delivered, with mobile capability, online training such as webinars, and full business support. The interface enables excellent asset management functionality, reporting and support for CMMS processes. A well-engineered interface is part of what customers love about this work order management system.


The eMaint platform is a labor productivity platform that helps to lower maintenance costs and decrease unplanned downtime for business systems. Regulatory compliance tools and other resources are built into this handy work order management platform.


Another popular work order management resource comes from Bigfoot, a CMMS company offering work order management components. A modern interface features drag-and-drop functionality and quick access for work order management dashboards. Other related modules include preventative maintenance software, inventory software, reporting software and other key parts of a comprehensive CMMS system.


Hippo CMMS is another vendor that offers specialized work order management software. Along with preventative maintenance tools, this platform helps users to track and close out maintenance tickets in an efficient digital way.

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