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Real Estate
2 - 9
Software Advice
All nice except for some basic missing features
1. Very user friendly and easy to use 2. Good generation of reports 3. Good after sales customer support
1. Missing some basic project management features 2. The prices of the product are not very reasonable compared to the software
Construction / Contracting
100 - 499
Software Advice
Good Product..
We had a good feeling with Axxerion from the beginning. The way it approaches things fits with how we work
I dont think there are any w.r.t. this product as is a good product for various organizations.......
If you're looking for a full-functioning business automation platform, this is it. I was amazed at how customisible the software is, everything from invoice automation to check printing to lease notifications. This is a heavy-duty application so make sure you know what you want up front and have clear specifications for your software development plan.
Real Estate
20 - 49
Software Advice
Maintenance, Contract management and Financials in one package
We selected Axxerion after reviewing the available options in the market and we are very happy with our decision. The system provides a lot of functionality and is very easy to implement and use. The support is excellent and ready to help. We highly recommend Axxerion.
Nothing negative about the system or its support. We are planning to allocate some time to explore the new functionality that Axxerion has introduced lately.
Axxerion's process for updating the system is very smooth. It does not disrupt anything and all your configurations are preserved. We do appreciate this a lot.