Benefits and Insights

Why use Cloud Files?

Key differentiators & advantages of Cloud Files

  • Powered by OpenStack, Cloud Files scales to store petabytes of data, inexpensively, through data replication and distribution across commodity hard drives. Cloud Files is well suited to handle your cloud storage needs, including backups, archives, server images, high performance media delivery, video streaming, and web-accessible storage for SaaS applications.

  • Global Presence Rackspace: Cloud Files has infrastructure located in several data centers worldwide, including Dallas, Chicago, and London.- Uptime: With 24x7x365 monitoring and operations teams, you don't have to stay up all night worrying about uptime. We're already doing it for you!

  • Replication: All data stored in Cloud Files is instantly written to three storage disks, all on separate nodes or locations that have dual power supplies.

  • Private Containers: With private containers, all traffic between your application and Cloud Files uses SSL to establish a secure, encrypted channel. This ensures that any data (usernames, passwords, and content) cannot be intercepted and read by a third party.

  • Public Containers: In public containers, your media files receive a web-ready URL that can be shared with anyone. Public files are served blazingly fast too, thanks to Cloud Files integration with the Akamai Content Delivery Network.

  • Temporary URLs (API only): If you are looking to share documents or data without serving it publicly, Cloud Files allows users to create temporary URLs that give direct access to your Cloud Files objects for a specified period of time.

  • Expiring Objects (API only): If you don't need or want to keep Cloud Files objects indefinitely (e.g. log files or recurring full backups), simply add a header while uploading the object to set when it will be automatically removed from your Cloud Files account.

  • Large File Support (API only): If you need to store very large files (e.g. videos, HD movies, or backups), Cloud Files accomplishes this by allowing customers to upload multiple file segments and a manifest file to map those segments together. Large files will be downloaded as a single file.

  • Static Website Hosting (API only): If your website contains only static content (e.g. blog, brochure website, small company website), host that static website entirely from Cloud Files and the Akamai CDN.

  • Object Versioning (API only): If you need the ability to save multiple versions of the same file, use object versioning to manage your evolving data more effectively.
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