Benefits and Insights

Why use CSC Cloud Computing Services?

Key differentiators & advantages of CSC Cloud Computing Services

  • APPLICATION CLOUD ENABLEMENT (ACE) - ACE provides the blueprint and services to accelerate your migration of legacy applications to the cloud.
  • CLOUD MIGRATION SERVICES - CSC Cloud Computing Migration Services offers a safe, fast, and seamless application migration to the cloud using the best in class technology.
  • CSC ACE FACTORY - A transformation service for legacy custom and mainframe applications that provides a fast and economical path to the cloud.
  • CSC AGILITY PLATFORM | CLOUD MANAGEMENT - CSC’s Agility Platform offers consolidated platform solutions for hybrid cloud management, governance, and security across public and private clouds. Agility Platform is cloud management for the multi cloud environment
  • CSC BIZCLOUD™ VPE: VIRTUAL PRIVATE CLOUD COMPUTING SERVICE - CSC BizCloud™ VPE is a virtual private cloud service with dedicated compute, LUN Storage and vShpere cluster for organizations looking for more security.
  • CSC CLOUD IU™ FOR SAP | MANAGED INFRASTRUCTURE UTILITY - SAP Cloud Infrastructure Utility with pay-as-you-go, run and maintain managed services.
  • CSC CLOUDCOMPUTE® | ENTERPRISE IAAS - Secure, resilient public cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) built for mission critical applications.
  • CSC CLOUDDB - CSC CloudDB delivers database as a service with the choices and options required for enterprises and government organizations to meet their application needs.
  • CSC HYBRID CLOUD SERVICES - All in one hybrid cloud delivered as a service simplifies the deployment, management, and governance of enterprise applications to a federation of public, private and hybrid clouds.
  • PRIVATE CLOUD SERVICE | CSC BIZCLOUD™ - Interested in private cloud computing and private cloud services? Let CSC install, secure and deploy your private cloud with CSC BizCloud.
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