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  • Multimedia Ready Live streams, HD videos, documents, and software applications - if you use it, Ignite can deliver it. And Ignite is the only solution that lets you mix-and-match content types and folders of content into one package, allowing you to efficiently deliver large multimedia presentations and complex training modules. Easily create and attach surveys in Ignite to receive immediate feedback on content.

  • Network Efficient Ignite's patented peer-assisted delivery technology means you can deliver large rich media content to employees, customers and partners on your existing network with no upgrades. Don't fear the network, and don't compromise on the quality of your live and pre-recorded communications - imagine the possibilities with Ignite.

  • Device Friendly Securely deliver content to any device including PCs, tablets, and mobile devices. No matter how your users consume content, Ignite automatically converts the files for you, so you're covered and they're connected - online and off.

  • Engaging Ignite's brandable out-of-the-box desktop UIs and Media Portal offer a captivating experience with social features like ratings, commenting and subscriptions to keep your users engaged. Proactive notifications and alerts guarantee higher participation and view rates of your live events and communications, while polling and chat keeps users engaged.

  • Secure Ignite is the only solution that lets you apply up to five layers of security around any piece of content. You can relax knowing your content is secured end-to-end throughout its entire lifecycle giving you complete control over who has access.

  • Easily Integrated An extensive API set and various widgets allow content to be easily ingested into and/or delivered via Ignite to many popular external applications such as content management systems and web application platforms like SharePoint. Make your life easier and let Ignite do the heavy lifting.

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