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  • Fastly’s Live Stream Delivery service can deliver millions of concurrent live streams to your viewers. Create the live stream service yourself in minutes via the Fastly Control Panel. We provide support for all HTTP live streaming standards, including HLS, HDS, MPEG-DASH, and HTTP Smooth Streaming.
  • You want your CDN to serve as much of your data as possible, and your users need to see changes reflected immediately. As fast as your users can generate content, we can cache it. A seismic shift in information won’t rock our world. Breaking news won’t break us. A stunning sports victory won’t beat us. At Fastly, we cache what other CDNs can’t, and we do it in real time.
  • We hate to think about your end users sitting staring at a loading page, playing finger drums while waiting out a spinning rainbow or draining hourglass. With Fastly, whether you’re serving up catalog images with up-to-the-moment reviews, or song titles, album covers and artist info, Fastly can and will accelerate your content — static and dynamic.
  • You designate a POP as your Shield POP, then when any other POP has a cache-miss, it gets deflected to your Shield, which then makes an optimized request to origin. This makes loadbalancing and throttling easier and more predictable. And your servers keep purring, even when traffic is spiking all over the map.
  • We build your CDN just for you. Our Private CDN shares features with all Fastly products: Delivery Acceleration, Real Time Caching, Origin Shield, Control Panel, and SSL. You get real-time visibility and 2-second configuration updates as well. Immediate provisioning (by you or us).
  • And, of course, Fastly’s legendary support. Okay, we’ll go one step further. We’ll even assign dedicated support staff or training for your staff if you’d like.
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