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Talent Management Trends: The Intersection of People and Technology in 2019

It feels like the HR industry exists in a sci-fi movie. We interact with chatbots, depend on AI applications to help source candidates and connect to cloud platforms from pretty much anywhere we want. But despite the digital disruption rippling through the HR industry, managing your people has never been more important. What talent management trends should you care about in 2019? And more importantly, how do they affect the talent management software your company uses?

Zachary TotahTalent Management Trends: The Intersection of People and Technology in 2019
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ATS System Requirements & Features (Applicant Tracking System)

The process of hiring a new employee has completely transformed over the years. Paper applications are becoming a rarity, much like finding a needle in a haystack; as more and more job applicants look online for opportunities, businesses are turning to applicant tracking systems – also known as talent management systems – to find and sort candidates.

ATS solutions offer numerous benefits to small and medium-sized businesses, making their recruitment and hiring tasks much more efficient. So it comes as no surprise that applicant tracking systems, sometimes referred to as applicant tracking software, have become increasingly popular, with more companies realizing just how easy hiring can become if the right system is put in place. In this article, we explore the top ATS requirements and features to consider when adopting such software.

Evan HeierATS System Requirements & Features (Applicant Tracking System)
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Talent Management Software Features and Requirements Checklist

A successful workforce is the base of a successful business. With the help of talent management software, companies can hire top candidates and foster advancement in their employees.

A talent management system helps human resource departments attract and retain skilled people and assists in HR processes throughout a person’s employment. Once hired, learning systems and performance initiatives will shape employees as career professionals. Talent Management software features streamline HR functions that may be difficult to complete on existing systems.

Alainia ConradTalent Management Software Features and Requirements Checklist
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Why You Should Pay More for Your Talent Management System

No need to lean closer to the screen, you read that title right: you should pay more for your talent management system.

Of course, there are exceptions. If you’re paying $3,000 per user per month, your TMS is probably working wonders for you (or at least it should be). But if like most businesses, your talent management budget doesn’t exactly fill a Brinks truck, you’ll want to increase it.

Alex JaumannWhy You Should Pay More for Your Talent Management System
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Everything You Need to Know About Performance Management Software

In a study of C-level and senior executives, the Economist Intelligence Unit found that people management is the biggest HR challenge today. In addition, the study found that it’s expected to be the second-biggest challenge in five to ten years. This is due to several factors, such as globalization and the increase in employees working remotely. Whatever the cause, businesses are searching for ways to more effectively manage their employees. That’s where performance management software comes in.

SelectHubEverything You Need to Know About Performance Management Software
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Talent Sourcing: What It Is and 6 Ways to Do It

Employees are the lifeblood of any company. Your entire business may thrive or crumble depending on how qualified, motivated and hardworking your workforce is. They also need to share the company’s values and understand the bigger goals that you’re working to achieve.

But finding the right employees is no easy task.

SelectHubTalent Sourcing: What It Is and 6 Ways to Do It
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Succession Planning Means Nurturing Your Talent Pipeline Throughout the Organization

Succession planning is typically defined as “a process for identifying and developing new leaders to replace old leaders when they leave, retire or die.” As stated, this process sounds logical and forward thinking, from a business perspective. Assuring smooth leadership transition is vital to a company’s continued prosperity, especially in a time of complexity and uncertainty in the business environment. And yet, despite the overwhelming agreement among executives that leadership issues are of the highest priority, a very low percentage of companies (about 14%) have enacted a strong succession planning process for their businesses. Furthermore, among those companies that do claim to pursue a succession plan, the failure rate of newly assigned leadership is very high.

Gabriel GheorghiuSuccession Planning Means Nurturing Your Talent Pipeline Throughout the Organization
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Talent Acquisition FAQs

Every business is only as good as its employees. You have to have the right employees on board at all times, or else your business risks failure. This means that you need employees who aren’t only talented and hardworking, but thrive in your corporate culture and share the same ideals as your business. These employees believe in your mission, your goals and that, in the end, your business will succeed.

SelectHubTalent Acquisition FAQs
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Employee Offboarding: The Technical and The Interpersonal

Employee offboarding (also known as employee exit management) is a term used to describe the process in which an employee leaves a company that he/she previously worked for. It lays out the formal process that surrounds an employee’s exit from an organization, whether it be from voluntary resignation, layoff or termination.

Gabriel GheorghiuEmployee Offboarding: The Technical and The Interpersonal
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4 Strategies for Attracting Top Talent

Oddly enough, one of the best quotes about corporate recruiting didn’t come from an HR expert. Instead, it came from famous oil well firefighter Red Adair. Adair captured the importance of recruiting in just 11 words: “If you think hiring professionals is expensive, try hiring amateurs.”

SelectHub4 Strategies for Attracting Top Talent
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Is Google Hire the Next Market Disruptor for ATS?

Google’s launch, on July 18th, of a new recruiting app called Hire came just weeks after its job hunting initiative launch on June 20th. Google For Jobs functions like a search feature on its search result pages that allows you to search for jobs across most of the major online job boards like LinkedIn, Monster, WayUp, DirectEmployers, CareerBuilder, Facebook and others.

SelectHubIs Google Hire the Next Market Disruptor for ATS?
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What is Succession Planning?

Companies of all sizes can benefit from a succession planning strategy. A succession plan process involves the identification and development of new leaders within a company, with the aim of replacing old leaders when they leave or retire. Succession planning typically involves the development of high potential employees who could become successors to the organization’s important leadership.

SelectHubWhat is Succession Planning?
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Understanding Compensation Management

The compensation your staff receives for working for you is the “reward” they get for spending their time and energy to meet your organization’s goals. You need to be able to quantify the contribution of your employees and compensate them appropriately to keep them motivated.  Doing so is the basis of compensation management. Compensation management also involves facilitating the systems, processes, and procedures used in compensating your employees.

SelectHubUnderstanding Compensation Management
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The Top Applicant Tracking Systems

Stop us if you’ve been here before: you’re looking to hire a for a new position, so you publish a job posting.  You put the job description on your website, social media, and on a few job boards.  You look the next day, and you already have a hundred resumes submitted from job seekers.  A few days later you have hundreds more, and you have to close the posting just so you have some semblance of a chance of sorting through all those resumes.  You then spend the next week in a whirlpool of resumes, cover letters and references before finding your shortlist of candidates to interview.

SelectHubThe Top Applicant Tracking Systems
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7 Ways Talent Management Software Helps Get the Best Out of Employee Hiring and Performance

Maximizing performance within teams and departments is a primary goal of every organization. Talent management software offers an effective way to get the most out of your top talent and staff as well as available recruits. Here are seven ways to help get the most out of automated processes like talent management software.

SelectHub7 Ways Talent Management Software Helps Get the Best Out of Employee Hiring and Performance
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