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12 Essential Software Selection Tips

Way back in December of 2017, we found ourselves enamored with the holiday spirit, so we wanted to share a little something with the world. As such, we gathered 12 of the most essential software selection tips and shared them with our social media followers. We dubbed this initiative the 12 Days of Software Selection, and although those 12 days are gone, we didn’t want to leave you — or these tips — out in the cold. So in order to help you choose your best-fit software, here are those 12 software selection tips:

SelectHub12 Essential Software Selection Tips
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Why Current Software Selection is Scary

It’s October, and Halloween is almost upon us. As we celebrate with candy, costumes and caramel apples, we all try to ignore the things that terrify us. Ghosts, ghouls and goblins are running amuck. Vampires are feasting on blood, rather than teenage angst. And those of us in business — at least, those who are looking to improve our business processes — are faced with the greatest horror of all: software selection (cue dramatic music).

SelectHubWhy Current Software Selection is Scary
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Your Ultimate Guide to Today’s HR Software Solutions

One of the hallmarks of today’s software solutions — whether you’re shopping for ERP or HR software or something else — is automation. Processes that used to be manual and labor intensive are now handled by the software instantly and automatically. Today’s HR software solutions go way beyond the ordinary payroll handling and offer a variety of workforce management functionality, including employee skills development, social media features, and mobile capabilities. In the market for a new HR software solution? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s your step-by-step guide to choosing the right software for your company.

SelectHubYour Ultimate Guide to Today’s HR Software Solutions
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What’s Wrong With Using Free HR Software in the Enterprise?

If you’re in the market for HR software, the first thing you’ll notice when you begin your online search is all the free stuff out there. Why pay extraordinary prices for proprietary HR software when all that open source stuff is just sitting there, waiting for your free download? While they promise the moon and all the stars above, these systems are almost all lacking in some way. Here are the most common problems with the enterprise using free HR software.

SelectHubWhat’s Wrong With Using Free HR Software in the Enterprise?
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Enterprise Software Buyer Survey 2016

As a technology selection management software (TSM) provider we wanted to find out how much the current volatile economic conditions would affect IT purchasing roadmaps for our customers and other software and IT sourcing professionals. So, we conducted a software buyer survey asking key IT decision makers about purchasing plans for 2016, and about the obstacles they faced in their IT selection and purchasing processes.

SelectHubEnterprise Software Buyer Survey 2016
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Improve Software Selection

The software selection process, especially when purchasing complex and expensive software requires time, collaboration and attention to detail. Selecting software generally is done by multiple parties within an organization, all who have varied requirements for the software being procured.

SelectHubImprove Software Selection
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