Professional Services Automation

PSA Software Requirements & Features Checklist

Despite the name, professional service providers don’t actually get to spend that much time providing services. Instead, they’re bogged down by administrative tasks. In fact, a recent Legal Trends Report found that lawyers only spend 29 percent of the day on billable work and a whopping 48 percent on administrative tasks. Thankfully, PSA software can solve many of the issues that cause this imbalance. But do you know what features to look for to streamline the inefficiencies within your business? To assist you in your professional services automation software selection, we’ve compiled a checklist of popular PSA software requirements and features. Use it to determine which ones you’ll need as you shop for your next system.

Kim O'ShaughnessyPSA Software Requirements & Features Checklist
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PSA for Lawyers: Top Software Recommendations

When you type “Why is my lawyer…” into Google the top suggestions are:

  1. Why is my lawyer taking so long
  2. Why is my lawyer ignoring me
  3. Why is my lawyer avoiding me
  4. Why does my lawyer want to settle

If your clients are the ones behind searches 2, 3, or 4, you probably have bigger problems than we can solve (Sorry!). But if you think your clients want faster services, keep reading.

Kim O'ShaughnessyPSA for Lawyers: Top Software Recommendations
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RMM Tools for Professional Service Providers

Technology is now an integral part of every business. Numerous software solutions and systems that make day-to-day operations more efficient are being introduced every day. But while it’s hard to imagine running a company without business software, that also means that it needs to be maintained and updated regularly in order to function properly.

SelectHubRMM Tools for Professional Service Providers
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