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How to Select An EHR

Electronic Health Records Systems, or EHRs, have a substantial set of benefits for health care practices and providers, especially in the wake of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) passage and the medicaid EHR incentive program. Patient and provider access to digital records is what makes continuity of care possible. As such, even the smallest solo-preneur private medical and health practices cannot afford to go without it.  Understand how to select an EHR system and the key benefits for your own practice:

SelectHubHow to Select An EHR
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Medical Practice Management Software Features and Requirements

Looking to implement medical practice management software is a smart and practical choice. There are a number of vendors to choose from and the features offered by these medical practice management software (MPM software) are often versatile and flexible, most of them containing interface differences, but offering a similar core set of functions.

SelectHubMedical Practice Management Software Features and Requirements
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Seven Key Benefits of EHR Systems

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) radically changed the healthcare landscape, and the rise of electronic health records (EHRs) as critical tools for delivery and continuity of care is one of its more involved outcomes. There are significant benefits of EHR systems for healthcare providers from small private practices to large hospitals and provider groups. To find the best EHR software for your business, make sure it provides these seven key benefits:

SelectHubSeven Key Benefits of EHR Systems
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EMR and EHR RFP Best Practices

Selecting the right EMR/EHR vendor can be a challenge. Understandably you want to at least comply with the medicaid EHR incentive program and ideally select an EMR/EHR that significantly improves your operations and patient care. It’s an important decision that will affect the efficiency and viability of your practice.

SelectHubEMR and EHR RFP Best Practices
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Top Electronic Health Records Systems for Large Organizations

Every EHR system should be 360-degree patient-centric. But how do you decide which EHR software system is right for you? The features that make EHR systems stand apart are the ease and efficiency with which they connect people, integrate active deployment of patients’ medical information and the customization capabilities of clinical workflow functionalities. SelectHub has compiled a detailed list of the top five EHR systems. The following are the top 5 EHR system vendors for large organizations:

SelectHubTop Electronic Health Records Systems for Large Organizations
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EHR vs EMR – The Key Differences

Many think that electronic health records (EHR) and electronic medical records (EMR) are the same, but there are important differences. Electronic medical records have been around longer and are focused on the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions carried out by a single provider. Meanwhile, electronic health records are specifically designed to be shared or transferred.

SelectHubEHR vs EMR – The Key Differences
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