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What is a Patient Portal and How Does it Help Medical Practices?

Following the introduction of electronic medical records (EMR) and electronic health records (EHR), patient portals were developed to improve the way in which patients and healthcare providers interact. A product of meaningful use requirements, they were mandated as a way to provide patients with timely access to their healthcare. Specifically, patient portals give patients access to their health information so that they can take a more active role in their health.

SelectHubWhat is a Patient Portal and How Does it Help Medical Practices?
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The Logistics of EHR Implementation

Electronic health record systems, also known as EHRs, have transformed the way that the healthcare industry conducts patient care. These systems not only make patient information more accessible, but also keep it secure while maintaining patient privacy. Not to mention, EHRs make it a lot easier for physicians to record and pull up their patient records. All of this is why many healthcare organizations are going through the process of an EHR implementation.

SelectHubThe Logistics of EHR Implementation
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Web-Based EHR Software and Everything You Need to Know

Whether you’re considering it for the first time or are ready to upgrade to something different, knowing what to look for in web-based EHR software is an absolute must. Electronic health records software, or EHR software, has been around for some time. New features are debuting all the time, which can make it tricky to zero in on software that will suit the needs of your practice.

SelectHubWeb-Based EHR Software and Everything You Need to Know
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Innovations in Physician Practice Management We Should All be Grateful For

Thanksgiving may be in our rearview mirror, but it doesn’t mean we can’t take some time to appreciate the things we have. Here at SelectHub, we’re pretty big fans of software, so we’re thankful for the many great vendors out there. If you work in a medical practice, chances are you’ve used physician practice management before. And if you have, then you’re probably pretty grateful that it makes your job easier.

SelectHubInnovations in Physician Practice Management We Should All be Grateful For
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Is Free Practice Management Software a Wise Choice?

One of the most common problems faced by small and mid-sized medical practices is finding enough time for the patients. Between setting appointments, billing, insurance, patient records and other paperwork, doctors often find it difficult to find enough time for actual treatment and diagnosis. But running an efficient practice goes beyond patient care.

SelectHubIs Free Practice Management Software a Wise Choice?
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Essential Features of Medical Clinic Software

For both small family practices and big clinics, the potential benefits of properly implemented medical clinic software can’t be underestimated. Having a way to automate many of your administrative and management tasks can completely change the way practices allocate their time and resources.

SelectHubEssential Features of Medical Clinic Software
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Does My Practice Need Medical Accounting Software?

Most healthcare organizations would rather talk about patients than administration any day of the week. Unfortunately, those seemingly small and insignificant back office tasks need to be discussed now and then, to make sure your practice continues to run smoothly. Thanks to software solutions, many of these tasks are easier than ever to manage. However, the question that many find themselves asking is: does my practice actually need certain types of software? For example, do you really need medical accounting software?

SelectHubDoes My Practice Need Medical Accounting Software?
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Top Health IT Security Trends

The last couple of years set records for healthcare IT security breaches. As we approach the next year, we look at some top security and privacy trends impacting healthcare delivery.

The Equifax breach may have commanded the most media attention, but the last year was also a very busy year for health IT security and privacy.

Dan GreenfieldTop Health IT Security Trends
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Selecting the Best EHR Vendor for Your Specialty Practice

From a technical perspective, a specialty EHR may be appropriate. But don’t overlook key business considerations.

Selecting your first EHR, or switching to another, involves many technical and business considerations. This is one of the biggest technology decisions your specialty practice or clinic will ever make. It’s not easy to evaluate complex software applications, let alone sort through the hundreds of vendors each touting its self-proclaimed “best solution.”

Dan GreenfieldSelecting the Best EHR Vendor for Your Specialty Practice
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Top Medical Practice Software Vendors

For many physicians, the last thing they want to think about is what software their practice will use. But as much as you may want to ignore it, the software you use matters. The longer you wait to upgrade your administrative processes, the more likely it is that you’ll lose patients who want a more modern experience.

SelectHubTop Medical Practice Software Vendors
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What are the Benefits of ePrescribing Software?

One of the more peculiar stats you’ll ever hear is how frequently bad handwriting kills. According to research conducted by the Institute of Medicine, 7,000 deaths in the US alone happen because of poor handwriting. That’s over 19 deaths per day because someone’s third-grade teacher didn’t instill the importance of legible handwriting. But compound that with the fact that we live in an increasingly digital world, and these preventable deaths are inexcusable.

SelectHubWhat are the Benefits of ePrescribing Software?
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Avoid These Obstacles When Buying Medical Software

If someone asked you what the biggest obstacles to buying medical software were, what would you tell them? Would you say that sorting out what features you want it to have is the biggest? Or figuring out how to transition from one system to the other? Or would you say that it’s getting the doctors in your practice to agree on a particular product?

SelectHubAvoid These Obstacles When Buying Medical Software
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Why You Should (or Shouldn’t) Use Medical Billing Software

Are employees of medical practices often overworked?  Yes. Is there anything you can do about it?  Yes. You may not be able to reduce your number of patients (nor would you want to), or make compliance easier or decrease the number of back office tasks that need to be done, but you can streamline some of your most time-consuming tasks. One in particular you may want to streamline is medical billing and coding.

SelectHubWhy You Should (or Shouldn’t) Use Medical Billing Software
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The EMR Buying Cycle: A Guide For Medical Practices

Few practices decide that they need to buy an EMR overnight. Usually, the process begins when a growing number of clinicians begin to feel that the EMR they have in place isn’t cutting it, either because it doesn’t work well or doesn’t meet the emerging needs of the business. Over time, everyone in the practice realizes that they could do better with a new EMR.

SelectHubThe EMR Buying Cycle: A Guide For Medical Practices
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