Marketing Automation

How Marketing Automation Supports Lead Generation

Fuel your business with high quality leads through the use of marketing automation software. If you do not quickly and efficiently broadcast your message, develop leads, and convert sales, your business will miss important profit-making opportunities. Modern, self-directed buyers use the Internet to find the goods and services they need, putting them in charge of the prices they pay and their terms of sale. The following advantages of marketing automation can help your business succeed.

SelectHubHow Marketing Automation Supports Lead Generation
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Why Use a Marketing Automation Platform

Since it is built on a basic premise, marketing automation often gets over simplified, leading some people to wonder, “Is marketing automation hype?” Marketing automation is a set of automated processes that allow organizations to communicate with people through a variety of channels as well as collect information about potential and existing customers. The part that often gets left out or glossed over is that the process involves collecting data, and this information can be used to personalize messages and improve sales.

SelectHubWhy Use a Marketing Automation Platform
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Marketing Automation ROI

Marketing Automation Software (MAS) seems like it should be a slam-dunk for companies: You build a campaign, automatically send it out, track responses, and reap rewards.  “Companies that use marketing automation source more pipeline from marketing, have more productive sales reps, and experience better revenue attainment (Marketing Pilgrim, 2013)”.

So why have 49% of companies stated they were “unsure” about whether their investment in marketing automation was worth it (Venturebeat, 2014), even though 75% of companies using marketing automation see ROI within 12 months, 44% within 6 months?  What about MAS makes it so difficult to perceive a positive return on investment?  What can the software do to enhance your business?

SelectHubMarketing Automation ROI
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Marketing Automation Strategies Work in Multiple Channels

Modern marketing demands intimate connections. Gone are the days of selling solely to focus groups or generic market segments. Today, you have to foster relationships with thousands of people on an individual level, so regardless what kind of campaign strategies you follow, you’ve got tons of work ahead of you.

SelectHubMarketing Automation Strategies Work in Multiple Channels
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The Problems with Marketing Automation

If you are a marketer, you’ve likely heard of, or been assigned the task to research marketing automation. For marketing and sales departments, it’s been branded as a game changing technology to help win more business, keep costs down, track ROI and other wondrous ideals.

Michael ShearerThe Problems with Marketing Automation
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Getting to Know Marketing Automation Technology

Today’s dynamic business climate finds competitive enterprises as well as nonprofit organizations relying more extensively on marketing automation technology to attract and convert site visitors into leads and customers. These systems help convert online traffic into loyal customers as seamlessly as possible.

SelectHubGetting to Know Marketing Automation Technology
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Before You Implement Marketing Automation

Marketing automation can have many great benefits for both small and large businesses. However, there is also a lot that can go wrong if you don’t take the proper steps to make sure your transition to marketing automation is as smooth as possible. Below are some things you should make sure to do first before you implement marketing automation.

Michael ShearerBefore You Implement Marketing Automation
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The CRM Marketing Automation Combo

If you didn’t know by now, CRM and Marketing Automation are an incredible combination – when integrated and managed properly. Marketing and sales teams can do more (e.g. increase leads, close business) and do it more effectively. These technologies joined together help organizations cut costs while also increasing revenue.

Michael ShearerThe CRM Marketing Automation Combo
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