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Do You Need Dedicated Local and Mobile Marketing Automation Software?

As you probably know by now, marketing automation is an important tool for marketers.  As in, it’s a you-need-it-if-you-don’t-have-it important tool.  Because it’s so crucial, new components have emerged to enhance inbound marketing.  We’re talking, of course, about local and mobile marketing automation software.  These marketing automation tools make multi-channel marketing easier, and content marketing less time-consuming.

SelectHubDo You Need Dedicated Local and Mobile Marketing Automation Software?
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Customer Data Platform – The Latest Marketing Software You’ll Want to Use

A Customer Data Platform, also referred to as a CDP, is the latest up-and-coming software for data-driven marketing.  Raab Associates notes that “CDPs can solve marketers’ biggest data problem: building a unified customer view.”  This has been one of the bigger problem facing marketers in recent years, as a 2016 LiveRamp study shows.  The study found that 90% of marketers believe building an omnichannel view of consumers is important, but only 17% can actually make it happen.  Fixing this disparity is exactly what CDP vendors set out to solve.

SelectHubCustomer Data Platform – The Latest Marketing Software You’ll Want to Use
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10 Up and Coming Marketing Automation Tools

Marketing automation is an important concept in today’s business world. These types of software tools help companies to market more effectively, and make marketing tasks less labor-intensive. They add business intelligence to one of the most important areas of business — advertising and customer outreach.

Michael Shearer10 Up and Coming Marketing Automation Tools
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How to Select the Best Marketing Automation Software for B2B Marketers

While there’s a bit of overlap between what B2C marketers do and what B2B marketers do, there are a lot of activities which are done quite a bit differently. For instance, the buying cycle is generally much longer in B2B marketing. Customers typically have to jump through many more hoops to get approval to buy, and you can lose a customer for factors completely outside your control — such as when a new person takes over procurement and already has an established relationship with one of your competitors.

SelectHubHow to Select the Best Marketing Automation Software for B2B Marketers
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Marketo vs Eloqua vs Hubspot

As many vendor experts would point out, marketing automation is more than just “guided email”. It’s a complex, supportive system of lifecycle marketing assistance. Marketing automation brings together things like keyword handling, lead generation and email marketing customization with other components that help shepherd customers toward conversion, and bring more power to internal sales and management teams.

SelectHubMarketo vs Eloqua vs Hubspot
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Where to Find Lead Scoring and Lead Nurturing Software

Lead management is a system of pursuing, gathering, managing and verifying leads in order to filter them through a company’s sales funnel and transform them into paying customers. It is one of the most crucial activities an enterprise must undertake in order to help the business succeed. Without leads, there are no sales. Without sales, there is no revenue. Organizations that rely on lead generation can benefit from using software to sort and evaluate leads before they enter the sales process.

SelectHubWhere to Find Lead Scoring and Lead Nurturing Software
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Should I Use Email Marketing or Marketing Automation Software?

Almost every business uses email marketing to build and maintain relationships with prospects and customers. If you’re already using email marketing to reach out to a targeted audience and sustain a connection with the people who are most likely to buy your products or services, it may be time to take it to the next level. Marketing automation software tracks visitor activity throughout your domain so that you can encourage prospects to continue down your sales funnel.

SelectHubShould I Use Email Marketing or Marketing Automation Software?
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Marketing Automation ROI

Marketing Automation Software (MAS) seems like it should be a slam-dunk for companies: You build a campaign, automatically send it out, track responses, and reap rewards.  “Companies that use marketing automation source more pipeline from marketing, have more productive sales reps, and experience better revenue attainment (Marketing Pilgrim, 2013)”.

So why have 49% of companies stated they were “unsure” about whether their investment in marketing automation was worth it (Venturebeat, 2014), even though 75% of companies using marketing automation see ROI within 12 months, 44% within 6 months?  What about MAS makes it so difficult to perceive a positive return on investment?  What can the software do to enhance your business?

SelectHubMarketing Automation ROI
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Before You Implement Marketing Automation

Marketing automation can have many great benefits for both small and large businesses. However, there is also a lot that can go wrong if you don’t take the proper steps to make sure your transition to marketing automation is as smooth as possible. Below are some things you should make sure to do first before you implement marketing automation.

Michael ShearerBefore You Implement Marketing Automation
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The Benefits of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is an amazing technology that keeps getting better. You can trust me on that – I’ve deployed nearly two dozen marketing automation installs over the past 4 years, as well as having worked directly within a marketing automation company. Now I run marketing automation and operations here at SelectHub. Using marketing automation software helps sales and marketing teams function more effectively and there are a number of ways this happens. 

Michael ShearerThe Benefits of Marketing Automation
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