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How Integrated AI and ABM Can Improve B2B Marketing

B2B marketers have it tough. Most B2C marketers don’t face the same challenges that B2B marketers do. To be fair, we’re B2B marketers, so we may be a bit biased, but hear us out. B2B companies don’t have nearly as many potential customers as B2C marketers. Many B2B marketers have to target small niches that can be hard to penetrate. To top it all off, 82% of B2B website visitors aren’t even potential customers. Much like a LA rush hour, that’s a lot of useless traffic.

SelectHubHow Integrated AI and ABM Can Improve B2B Marketing
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Marketing Automation FAQs

In our blog, we enjoy blowing your mind. We relish being in a position where we can introduce you to new concepts and give you a different viewpoint on your industry’s software practices. But that’s not what we’re doing today. Today, we just wanted to give you the lowdown on some of the most common questions we’ve come across regarding marketing automation.

SelectHubMarketing Automation FAQs
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7 Inbound Marketing Tools You Should Be Using

As any good chef will tell you, putting out exquisite food is impossible without the right tools. If you don’t have your knives, cutting boards, and other tools around you, the simplest of tasks become major challenges. The same can be said for inbound marketing. If you don’t have scalable, reliable software, you can’t take your promotional game to the next level.

SelectHub7 Inbound Marketing Tools You Should Be Using
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Marketing and Sales Automation

Are marketing automation and sales automation the same? Not really. Each one has its own particular utility in the business world, and its own specialized focus. Both marketing automation and sales automation have become part of the evolving standard for good business. As technology advances, it leads to better analytics, more agile hardware platforms and more sophisticated software builds.

SelectHubMarketing and Sales Automation
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What is Demand Generation Software?

Revenue is the lifeblood of any business. As an organization, it’s imperative for you to take proactive steps to engage with both potential and existing customers on a regular basis. Doing so ensures that you have a healthy pipeline to meet your quarterly sales targets. Demand Generation Software can help your business meet this objective.

SelectHubWhat is Demand Generation Software?
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Eloqua, Pardot and Marketo Competitors and Alternatives

Marketing automation is a growing business. More and more companies are realizing that a marketing automation platform allows them to do more with the resources that they have. Marketing automation platforms help with things like email marketing, landing page design, lead management and social media strategy. Different types of analytics and reporting also enhance what marketers are able to do for their company with these types of modern resources.

SelectHubEloqua, Pardot and Marketo Competitors and Alternatives
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Do You Need Dedicated Local and Mobile Marketing Automation Software?

As you probably know by now, marketing automation is an important tool for marketers.  As in, it’s a you-need-it-if-you-don’t-have-it important tool.  Because it’s so crucial, new components have emerged to enhance inbound marketing.  We’re talking, of course, about local and mobile marketing automation software.  These marketing automation tools make multi-channel marketing easier, and content marketing less time-consuming.

SelectHubDo You Need Dedicated Local and Mobile Marketing Automation Software?
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Customer Data Platform – The Latest Marketing Software You’ll Want to Use

A Customer Data Platform, also referred to as a CDP, is the latest up-and-coming software for data-driven marketing.  Raab Associates notes that “CDPs can solve marketers’ biggest data problem: building a unified customer view.”  This has been one of the bigger problem facing marketers in recent years, as a 2016 LiveRamp study shows.  The study found that 90% of marketers believe building an omnichannel view of consumers is important, but only 17% can actually make it happen.  Fixing this disparity is exactly what CDP vendors set out to solve.

SelectHubCustomer Data Platform – The Latest Marketing Software You’ll Want to Use
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What Is Lead Management Software?

Lead management software is a particular aspect of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality that companies should consider in order to upgrade their marketing and sales toolkits if they want to grow their businesses in the digital age.

SelectHubWhat Is Lead Management Software?
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