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LMS Requirements Checklist and Critical Features Comparison

Hiring new employees? Promoting from within? Adopting a new system or procedure? Learning management systems (LMS) can benefit any business with a desire to provide educational and advancement opportunities for their employees

Learning Management System requirements and features are related to the administration, tracking and use of digital training and education programs. Companies use LMS software to help provide training and direction for employees. Learning management software can also help companies improve onboarding, recruit talent, improve employee skill sets and analyze performance across departments.

Alainia ConradLMS Requirements Checklist and Critical Features Comparison
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The Top Cloud LMS Vendors

External hiring for an open position can cost businesses an average of 1.7 times more than promoting internally. Inside recruitment has non-financial benefits too ー promoted employees often feel dedicated to the company, usually resulting in better performance and a longer tenure. But before employees get promoted to higher positions, they have to learn the skills necessary to fill those roles.

SelectHubThe Top Cloud LMS Vendors
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Picking a LMS for a SMB

Learning is an integral part of business growth. Only companies that have a process to ensure that their employees are continuously learning and moving forward can expect to meet their long-term goals. After all, without a way for employees to progress, it not only limits the potential for growth for the company, but also makes the workplace much less appealing to potential employees because of the lack of opportunities to advance their careers and acquire new skills.

SelectHubPicking a LMS for a SMB
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Litmos vs Docebo

Corporate training initiatives have become increasingly commonplace in today’s business. They’ve been shown to increase employee engagement, as well as retention. In fact, 70% of people say that training/development in the workplace influences their decision to stay with their current employer. And let’s be honest, there really isn’t much of a downside to helping your employees improve their job-applicable skills.

SelectHubLitmos vs Docebo
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How to Implement OKRs Into Your Goal Setting Strategy

Your organization’s vision is important, but it can be difficult to fulfill when the world is always pulling you away from that higher purpose. The management team has to do everything it can to intentionally move towards that higher purpose by facilitating and inspiring conversations and dialogue. The last thing you want is for you to establish a philosophy and vision, only for it to be ignored.

Rae SteinbachHow to Implement OKRs Into Your Goal Setting Strategy
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LMS Implementation Checklist: 7 Critical Steps

Technology has ushered in a new age of innovation into the field of learning. Media integration and innovative online learning tools have changed the way that learning institutions are able to present learning modules to their students. And the business world isn’t far behind in implementing these new learning possibilities into their own organizations.

SelectHubLMS Implementation Checklist: 7 Critical Steps
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Online Training Software: Features, Benefits and Leading Solutions

Employee training is a never-ending process for companies that want to stay ahead of their competition. Today, industries evolve and change so quickly that the only way to make sure your company keeps up is by helping your employee consistently improve their knowledge and skills. You can do just that my implementing an online training software.

SelectHubOnline Training Software: Features, Benefits and Leading Solutions
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Employee Skill Development: What Skills Do They Need?

Employees switch jobs more often today than ever before. According to a study done by LinkedIn, recent graduates now change up to three jobs during the first five years after graduation. This is a trend that’s worrying a lot of businesses. Their top young talent aren’t afraid to switch jobs if a better opportunity to progress their career comes up.

SelectHubEmployee Skill Development: What Skills Do They Need?
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LMS Predictions for 2018 – The Year of Employee-Centric Changes

The last decade and a half has witnessed a tectonic shift in the management style and management models that guide corporate business. The move has been from a very hierarchical, top-down, process-driven approach to a more democratic model, where problem-solving and managing happens in smaller, more agile and less structured teams. Consequently, it is of little surprise that the way companies structure and disseminate learning into their workplace has started to mirror this model.

Gabriel GheorghiuLMS Predictions for 2018 – The Year of Employee-Centric Changes
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An In-Depth Analysis of Online Learning Platforms

Sometimes it feels like we never really leave school. Whether we’re three years into our career or thirty, there’s always more knowledge to gain. As the saying goes: “Never stop learning, because life never stop teaching.” Some businesses have taken this to heart, implementing online learning platforms to make sure that their employees actually never stop learning.

SelectHubAn In-Depth Analysis of Online Learning Platforms
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The Content in a Learning Content Management System (LCMS)

A Learning Content Management System (LCMS) is differentiated from a Learning Management System (LMS) by the capacity to create eLearning content. An LCMS gives authors, eLearning designers and industry experts the capacity to efficiently create content that’s targeted and timely. A business operates in real time, therefore content development and knowledge access must also function in real time.

Gabriel GheorghiuThe Content in a Learning Content Management System (LCMS)
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Experience API or xAPI or Tin Can API?

What is API?  Application Programming Interface (API) is defined as “a set of subroutine definitions, protocols and tools for building application software.” In simpler terms, an API is essentially a language that enables different pieces of software to talk to each other. APIs also make it possible to move information from one program to another — for example, if you cut or copy something from Gmail, you can paste it into a Microsoft Word document.

Gabriel GheorghiuExperience API or xAPI or Tin Can API?
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5 Innovations and Advances in Corporate Training Programs

Today’s employees value professional development. Millennials especially emphasize the importance of on-the-job training when searching for their next job. Due to this trend, more and more businesses have found value in providing their employees with career development courses. Adding more value to the skills training is a solid path with clear goals laid out. These paths are referred to as corporate training programs.

SelectHub5 Innovations and Advances in Corporate Training Programs
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5 Reasons You Need Employee Training Software

Employee training software is important to companies for a number of reasons. Well-established firms are adopting learning management systems and other tools to enhance the ways that they are able to train workers of all kinds, and people of all levels. With employee training software and a good training program, it’s possible to streamline and improve all of the ways that companies teach employees how to excel at their jobs, as well as how to comply with industry standards.

SelectHub5 Reasons You Need Employee Training Software
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Employee Development Strategies That Actually Work

If you don’t develop your employees, your business will die.

Now, that’s admittedly a little overly-doom and gloom, but employee development is both incredibly important and astoundingly ignored. As Victor Lipman described in an article posted to Forbes, employee development builds loyalty, which increases productivity. “Taking an honest interest in someone builds loyalty. Loyal employees are more engaged. Engaged employees are more productive.” So it’s not just something you do out of the goodness of your heart; it makes good business sense, too.

SelectHubEmployee Development Strategies That Actually Work
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How to Build a Learning Management Program

Did you know that only 8% of respondents to a 2012 survey say they love their learning management system (LMS)? This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Many companies are unhappy with their LMS due to outdated interfaces, lack of customization, or incomplete reporting. Doing thorough research and identifying your team’s main objectives before installing an LMS can save your company lots of time and money in the long run.

SelectHubHow to Build a Learning Management Program
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