Workforce Management

Workforce Planning in the Age of Telecommuting

Let’s say you’re playing a game of chess. Generally speaking, there are two different ways you could play. You could plan your moves strategically, each one made specifically to achieve various objectives in order to win the game. Or you could just wing it. You can simply try your best to get to your opponent’s King while making reactionary moves in order to protect your pieces.

SelectHubWorkforce Planning in the Age of Telecommuting
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Do You Need Workforce Management Software?

Human resource oversight is essential to profitability, efficiency and long-term organizational success. Nonprofits, corporations and startups commonly rely on workforce management software (WFM software) to control their HR overhead, improve scheduling practices and effectively administer labor talent.  The goal of WFM software is to help HR departments with workforce optimization.  Whether a company is a small startup or an established institution, workforce management software has diverse advantages.  Here are some real-world examples of the benefits organizations might realize:

SelectHubDo You Need Workforce Management Software?
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