Cloud Recruiting Software: Top Picks of 2019

At best, the process of finding and hiring new employees can feel a bit like looking through the pages of your favorite “Where’s Waldo?” book. Once the applications start to pour in, you have to sift through all of the resumes and cover letters to find the type of candidate you’re looking for. If you’re hiring for more than one position, then you’ll have quite a few pages of that book to search through. This kind of recruiting process is desperately in need of an update — cloud recruiting software is that update.

In the past, only large enterprises had the resources to implement recruiting software. However, thanks to advancements in technology, cloud-based software makes it easy for businesses of any size to implement a recruiting solution. If you’ve decided it’s time to streamline your recruitment process by implementing a new software solution, then you’ll want to have a solid foundation of knowledge about just what that software is and what it’s capable of doing. We’ll break all of that down for you, and then we’ll discuss who our top picks are to help you jumpstart your search.

Mariah HansenCloud Recruiting Software: Top Picks of 2019
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Recruitment Software Features and Requirements Checklist

Reaching qualified professionals has become increasingly simplified with the help of online job boards and social media. However, this increases competition, and choosing the right person for the job becomes difficult with such a high volume of talented applicants. Hiring teams need to sort through resumes, schedule interviews, evaluate candidates and continually communicate throughout the process. Recruitment software steps in to automate these functions and streamline hiring procedures.

Alainia ConradRecruitment Software Features and Requirements Checklist
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How to Measure the ROI of Your Recruiting Software

In today’s digital age, everyone’s well aware of the value of business software.  But when it comes to reporting just how valuable that software is, how do you measure it?  With some solutions it’s easy to gauge.  Finding the ROI of marketing automation and CRM platforms involve simply looking at the number of conversions, leads and customers you gained before and after adoption.  But with some systems, such as with recruiting software, the ROI is more difficult to quantify.

SelectHubHow to Measure the ROI of Your Recruiting Software
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