The Top Applicant Tracking Systems

Stop us if you’ve been here before: you’re looking to hire a for a new position, so you publish a job posting.  You put the job description on your website, social media, and on a few job boards.  You look the next day, and you already have a hundred resumes submitted from job seekers.  A few days later you have hundreds more, and you have to close the posting just so you have some semblance of a chance of sorting through all those resumes.  You then spend the next week in a whirlpool of resumes, cover letters and references before finding your shortlist of candidates to interview.

SelectHubThe Top Applicant Tracking Systems
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A Guide to The 6 Most Common HRIS Software Mistakes

One of the most common and increasingly necessary tools for businesses is Human Resource Information System (HRIS) software.  HRIS software helps HR departments decrease their workload by managing employee information, provide reports, integrate with other systems and much more.  With such a large need for this type of software, it’s not uncommon for businesses inexperienced with the software selection process to make a mistake.  In fact, the six most common HRIS software mistakes are more widespread than you may think.  According to a PwC study on change initiatives, 75% fail to fulfill their goals and objectives.  These 6 HRIS mistakes have been made by businesses large and small, and hopefully this guide will help you to avoid making any of them.

SelectHubA Guide to The 6 Most Common HRIS Software Mistakes
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6 Time-Consuming HR Tasks That Recruiting and Staffing Software Automates

HR professionals know all too well the inefficiencies of most day-to-day duties.  From manually filing documents to creating new job postings to general administrative work, there’s certainly no shortage of tedious and time-consuming work.  But what if those tasks didn’t have to be be so tedious and time-consuming?  Or, better yet, what if those tasks could be done with just a few clicks of a mouse?

SelectHub6 Time-Consuming HR Tasks That Recruiting and Staffing Software Automates
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BambooHR Competitors

BambooHR is one of the most popular packages for human resources software solutions, but it’s not the only one out there. Here are eight more highly rated HR software products and platforms where companies offer clients the ability to handle payroll, recruiting and much more through an easy to use, comprehensive resource package.

SelectHubBambooHR Competitors
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Zenefits vs Gusto

Zenefits and Gusto are two popular HR software choices that small businesses and medium-sized businesses alike can utilize through the cloud. These handy comprehensive solutions are both examples of HR software products that handle payroll, benefits, compliance and more from a central employee self-service platform. So let’s take a deeper look at both systems, as we compare Zenefits vs Gusto:

SelectHubZenefits vs Gusto
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What is Employee Performance Management Software?

In a study of C-level and senior executives, the Economist Intelligence Unit found that people management is the biggest HR challenge today. In addition, the study found that it’s expected to be the second-biggest challenge in five to ten years. This is due to several factors, such as globalization and the increase in employees working remotely. Whatever the cause, businesses are searching for ways to more effectively manage their employees. That’s where performance management software comes in.

SelectHubWhat is Employee Performance Management Software?
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6 Essential Tools for Better Employee Management

Companies use human resource or employee management software tools for many purposes related to managing and communicating with front-line workers. Employee management software can be used for performance evaluations, help with orientation/training, or promote employee engagement. Here are some of the key tools and resources that employee management software packages offer a modern business.

SelectHub6 Essential Tools for Better Employee Management
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The 3 Categories of HR Software Applications

In today’s business environment, HR software applications makes human resource management and operations easier and more efficient. Software programs range from helping staff members complete their everyday tasks to overseeing a company’s human resource (HR) operations. Three key categories of HR management software exist:

SelectHubThe 3 Categories of HR Software Applications
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The 7 Main HRIS Software Solutions

As technology advances, more companies are automating systems in order to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Tools to streamline human resource management tasks are now becoming more valuable as organizations look inward to determine the most effective use of employee assets. Some platforms are broader than others, and many of the solutions overlap in their functions. Below is a breakdown of seven types of HRIS software solutions.

SelectHubThe 7 Main HRIS Software Solutions
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5 Ways Human Resource Software Helps HR Management

HR management isn’t always easy for modern HR professionals. In the pursuit of optimized employee performance, today’s HR departments have to perform a huge range of activities from recruiting and training to planning and process design.  You may have well-defined HR goals, but what seems like a straightforward concept could actually be highly involved.  To get the most out of the resources they have, companies have incorporated software into their HR plan.  Here are five ways HR software can help organizations and their HR professionals achieve greater things with the resources they have.

SelectHub5 Ways Human Resource Software Helps HR Management
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Does ERP Include HR Software?

Businesses use enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to integrate and manage common tasks involved in information technology, service and human resources. Designed mainly for large businesses with the resources necessary to support an extensive management system, ERP is divided into modules that address specific areas within a company. Human resource (HR) management is one essential module used to automate administrative work that would otherwise be tedious and time-consuming.

SelectHubDoes ERP Include HR Software?
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The Difference Between HRIS vs. HCM vs. HRMS

When it comes to workforce management solutions, human resources software systems have become increasingly complex – and increasingly useful – in recent years. If you’re interested in investing in one for your business, however, you’re likely confused by the many acronyms used to describe them.

SelectHubThe Difference Between HRIS vs. HCM vs. HRMS
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6 Benefits of a Successful Human Capital Management Strategy

Like many businesses, yours probably already has processes or software in place for streamlining various human resources processes, including payroll, record keeping and employee benefits. Managing those types of things are crucial, but what about managing your most important asset of all? Employees are what make a business work, and there are ways to make the most out of this crucial resource, often referred to as human capital management (HCM). 

SelectHub6 Benefits of a Successful Human Capital Management Strategy
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7 Ways Talent Management Software Helps Get the Best Out of Employee Hiring and Performance

Maximizing performance within teams and departments is a primary goal of every organization. Talent management software offers an effective way to get the most out of your top talent and staff as well as available recruits. Here are seven ways to help get the most out of automated processes like talent management software.

SelectHub7 Ways Talent Management Software Helps Get the Best Out of Employee Hiring and Performance
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6 Reasons Why Companies Love Employee Self-Service HRIS

When you spend four out of every five hours on paperwork and administration, it’s time to consider a change. Since that is the daily life of many in HR, using self-service HRIS is a worthy solution. The more employees can handle HR-related tasks themselves, the fewer messes are left for HR professionals. That’s why companies love self-service HRIS. Here are six ways a new generation of HR systems streamline your HR department and allow you to focus on activities which provide more value to your organization. 

SelectHub6 Reasons Why Companies Love Employee Self-Service HRIS
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