2018 HR Tech Trends

When we think of science fiction, images of flying cars, robot butlers and hover boots oftentimes come to mind. It’s easy to forget that there’s science fiction for the business world, too. And just like our favorite movies, some fantastical ideas end up making it into everyday manufacturing and distribution routines.

SelectHub2018 HR Tech Trends
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What the $#@! is People Analytics?

Data is everywhere. It’s in your job, it’s in your internet history and it’s even in your phone. There’s so much data, it seems to only come in one size: Big Data. And how do businesses use their data? With analytics. You’ve heard of data analytics, predictive analytics and maybe even prescriptive and descriptive analytics, but what about people analytics?

SelectHubWhat the $#@! is People Analytics?
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PeopleSoft Competitors: Workday, SAP, and More

It’s fair to say that the world of HR software is usually a very quiet place. There’s a lot of buzz around big releases, but scandal and drama are hardly hallmarks of the industry. For this reason, the epic battle between vendors Oracle and PeopleSoft marks a strange and interesting time in the history of human resource development.

SelectHubPeopleSoft Competitors: Workday, SAP, and More
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Employee Engagement Software: A Smarter Way to Increase Engagement

By now you’ve probably heard of the rampant workplace disengagement problem.  Only 15% of workers worldwide are actively engaged in their work.  Although the US experiences significantly better engagement, with 30% of workers engaged, the number is still far from ideal.  A study by the Aberdeen Group headed by HR Tech influencer Michael Moon showed that companies with engaged employees take in 2.5 times the revenue of their competitors with lower engagement.

SelectHubEmployee Engagement Software: A Smarter Way to Increase Engagement
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How to Measure the ROI of Your Recruiting Software

In today’s digital age, everyone’s well aware of the value of business software.  But when it comes to reporting just how valuable that software is, how do you measure it?  With some solutions it’s easy to gauge.  Finding the ROI of marketing automation and CRM platforms involve simply looking at the number of conversions, leads and customers you gained before and after adoption.  But with some systems, such as with recruiting software, the ROI is more difficult to quantify.

SelectHubHow to Measure the ROI of Your Recruiting Software
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The Top HR Tech Influencers

HR professionals have some of the most robust business software available today.  Today’s HR systems have a plethora of features that automate and facilitate time-consuming tasks.  This technology can help companies with everything from recruiting to analytics reporting.  These different types of HR tech can be hard to manage, so you may want to do some research to clear it up.  HR tech influencers provide some of the most helpful resources for HR professionals.  To help you find these resources, we put together a list of some of today’s top HR tech influencers (in no particular order):

SelectHubThe Top HR Tech Influencers
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Namely vs Zenefits

So, you’ve decided to adopt HR software.  Or, you’ve decided to switch HR platforms.  Either way, you’ve made up your mind and it’s time to look at vendors.  You’re looking for solutions deployed on the cloud?  We have just the thing.  To help you peruse the possibilities, analyze the features and compare solutions, we put together a quick comparison of two HR software industry leaders.  Let’s compare Namely vs Zenefits:

SelectHubNamely vs Zenefits
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What is Employee Performance Software?

In a study of C-level and senior executives, the Economist Intelligence Unit found that people management is the biggest HR challenge today.  In addition, the study found that it’s expected to be the second-biggest problem in five to ten years.  This is due to several factors, such as globalization and more remote workers.  Whatever the cause, businesses are searching for ways to more effectively manage their employees.  That’s where employee performance software comes in.

SelectHubWhat is Employee Performance Software?
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Survey Results – The 8 Functions HR Management Software Buyers are Shopping For

Human resource professionals know the struggle of having to do tedious tasks every day.  Luckily, HR software came along to automate these tasks and lessen the burden on your HR department.  Today, the HR software market finds itself among the leaders in business software.  At over $14 billion and rising according to Forbes, HR management software is one of the most important tools for a business to implement.

SelectHubSurvey Results – The 8 Functions HR Management Software Buyers are Shopping For
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A Guide to The 6 Most Common HRIS Software Mistakes

One of the most common and increasingly necessary tools for businesses is Human Resource Information System (HRIS) software.  HRIS software helps HR departments decrease their workload by managing employee information, provide reports, integrate with other systems and much more.  With such a large need for this type of software, it’s not uncommon for businesses inexperienced with the software selection process to make a mistake.  In fact, the six most common HRIS software mistakes are more widespread than you may think.  According to a PwC study on change initiatives, 75% fail to fulfill their goals and objectives.  These 6 HRIS mistakes have been made by businesses large and small, and hopefully this guide will help you to avoid making any of them.

SelectHubA Guide to The 6 Most Common HRIS Software Mistakes
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