Employee Scheduling

Employee Scheduling Software Features & Requirements

In 2017, 7Shifts reported 2.44 days as the average time in advance a restaurant posts a schedule for employees to view. This common practice of last-minute scheduling interferes with employee work-life balance. As stated in the Economic Policy Institute’s “Irregular Work Scheduling and Its Consequences,” 26 percent of on-call employees and 19 percent of rotating shift employees report “often” experiencing work-family conflict, compared to 11 percent of workers with regular hours. As you can see, proactive scheduling is conducive to employee satisfaction. Facilitate this necessary process by thinking about the employee scheduling software features and requirements that will help you consistently build successful schedules.

Alainia ConradEmployee Scheduling Software Features & Requirements
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6 Essential Tools for Better Employee Management

Companies use human resource or employee management software tools for many purposes related to managing and communicating with front-line workers. Employee management software can be used for performance evaluations, help with orientation/training, or promote employee engagement. Here are some of the key tools and resources that employee management software packages offer a modern business.

SelectHub6 Essential Tools for Better Employee Management
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