What is Employee Performance Software?

In a study of C-level and senior executives, the Economist Intelligence Unit found that people management is the biggest HR challenge today.  In addition, the study found that it’s expected to be the second-biggest problem in five to ten years.  This is due to several factors, such as globalization and more remote workers.  Whatever the cause, businesses are searching for ways to more effectively manage their employees.  That’s where employee performance software comes in.

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Survey Results – The 8 Functions HR Management Software Buyers are Shopping For

Human resource professionals know the struggle of having to do tedious tasks every day.  Luckily, HR software came along to automate these tasks and lessen the burden on your HR department.  Today, the HR software market finds itself among the leaders in business software.  At over $14 billion and rising according to Forbes, HR management software is one of the most important tools for a business to implement.

SelectHubSurvey Results – The 8 Functions HR Management Software Buyers are Shopping For
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A Guide to The 6 Most Common HRIS Software Mistakes

One of the most common and increasingly necessary tools for businesses is Human Resource Information System (HRIS) software.  HRIS software helps HR departments decrease their workload by managing employee information, provide reports, integrate with other systems and much more.  With such a large need for this type of software, it’s not uncommon for businesses inexperienced with the software selection process to make a mistake.  In fact, the six most common HRIS software mistakes are more widespread than you may think.  According to a PwC study on change initiatives, 75% fail to fulfill their goals and objectives.  These 6 HRIS mistakes have been made by businesses large and small, and hopefully this guide will help you to avoid making any of them.

SelectHubA Guide to The 6 Most Common HRIS Software Mistakes
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6 Time-Consuming HR Tasks That Recruiting and Staffing Software Automates

HR professionals know all too well the inefficiencies of most day-to-day duties.  From manually filing documents to creating new job postings to general administrative work, there’s certainly no shortage of tedious and time-consuming work.  But what if those tasks didn’t have to be be so tedious and time-consuming?  Or, better yet, what if those tasks could be done with just a few clicks of a mouse?

What was once a pipedream has become a reality thanks to recruiting and staffing software.  These types of software automate the most tedious tasks, provide easy communication and, most importantly, complete these tasks with a high-quality end result.  If you’re in the market for recruiting and staffing software, here are some of the capabilities you should expect to see:

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BambooHR Competitors

BambooHR is one of the most popular packages for human resources software solutions, but it’s not the only one out there. Here are eight more highly rated HR software products and platforms where companies offer clients the ability to handle payroll, recruiting and much more through an easy to use, comprehensive resource package.

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Zenefits vs. Gusto

Zenefits and Gusto are two popular HR software choices that small to midsized businesses can utilize through the cloud. These handy comprehensive automating solutions are both examples of HR software products that handle payroll, benefits, compliance and more from a central accessible platform supported by the vendor.

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5 Key Considerations When Implementing an HR Software Solution

This is a guest contribution from HR implementation expert, Lauren DeFilippo Gander, President at HR Software Solutions.

Is your company’s current HR system out of date? Do you have an online system for employees to use? Use the end of 2016 as the time to review your HR systems and practices. Decide if an upgrade is on your road map for next year. Implementing a new HR information system is an arduous, important task that every company should treat with care.

Selecting a system

Lauren DeFilippo Gander5 Key Considerations When Implementing an HR Software Solution
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What Does Employee Performance Management Software Do?

Employee performance management software assists HR departments and other users in ongoing evaluation of employee performance and progress. It helps to bring new sophisticated digital tools to the process of figuring out how well someone does their job, and what they offer their employer.  Employee performance management capabilities are also often included in a talent management software.

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LMS vs LCMS: What’s the Difference

A Learning Management System (LMS) and a Learning Content Management System (LCMS) are two very different types of HR technology.  Although they both tend to be modules available in talent management software, they each fill different roles in administering online educational tools to a workforce audience.  But the use of one or both of these modules is a strong business strategy that can help improve employee engagement and be used as an advantage in the recruiting process.  To see the differences between these two HR solutions, let’s compare LMS vs LCMS.

SelectHubLMS vs LCMS: What’s the Difference
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