Enterprise Resource Planning

Key Features of Distribution ERP Software

Distribution support is a core type of ERP functionality for many businesses. Any time a company has the burden of getting products out to a customer base, distribution software tools will become critical for handling the business in a modern, sophisticated way. Here are some of the features that distribution software packages bring to a business.

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Key Differences Between Supply Chain Management and Enterprise Resource Planning

When it comes time to choose or update pieces of a functional enterprise software architecture, procurement people and others responsible for evaluating this technology may be confused about what they specifically need.

One such question is on supply chain management software tools versus enterprise resource planning or ERP software products. What is the difference between supply chain management and ERP?

SelectHubKey Differences Between Supply Chain Management and Enterprise Resource Planning
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Who’s Who in Job Shop Software?

Job shop software is an enterprise resource planning program that automates a variety of scheduling, reporting and tracking tasks. The best programs include manufacturing resource planning, which coordinates orders with manufacturing schedules. Since warehouse management is a challenge for many companies, it is important to understand the benefits of warehouse management software as an inclusion. Many programs today run on the cloud. When you debunk the common cloud ERP myths, managing a job shop with cloud-based software is easier than ever.

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Enterprise Accounting Software Recommendations

Financial information is the fuel that keeps every business growing and moving forward.

A core part of any accounting system is the general ledger, which captures and categorizes the many different types of transactions a business engages in daily. General ledger transaction entries are diverse and cover the core areas of any company’s business. Financial data reported in general ledgers include revenues generated from sales, service and licensing fees, along with the different classifications of expenses, assets, liabilities and forms of equity.

Louis ColumbusEnterprise Accounting Software Recommendations
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5 Steps That Simplify ERP Software Comparison

You knew that selecting an ERP wouldn’t be an overnight process, but when you delved into the research and realized the sheer number of products and vendors available, that vacation you took last month seems very, very long ago. Indeed, the number of selections is dizzying. But categorizing the products makes ERP software comparison far easier. Here are a few deceptively simple tips that can narrow down your selection process considerably.

SelectHub5 Steps That Simplify ERP Software Comparison
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Myths About Cloud ERP for Manufacturing

Manufacturing is a unique industry with challenges that may seem incompatible with a standard cloud-based ERP solution. Because of this, many companies still misunderstand the cloud and wind up missing out on its benefits. If you’re still on the fence about switching to the cloud, consider how properly-planned ERP for manufacturing busts the common myths.

SelectHubMyths About Cloud ERP for Manufacturing
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Oracle ERP vs. SAP ERP

Comprehensive ERP tools help businesses to cut through the ambiguity, and drive better decision-making through a clear look at actual finances and operations. Oracle and SAP are two of the big name ERP software packages commonly researched and used. Here’s a look at both of these top-level ERP solution packages:

SelectHubOracle ERP vs. SAP ERP
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Epicor vs SAP vs Infor ERP Comparison

Enterprise Resource Planning solutions are a vital part of today’s business landscape. Any company of significant size or with complicated customer and product rosters needs these kinds of software to help handle many diverse aspects of business management. Here are some comparisons of three popular ERP systems that will help human decision-makers to keep tabs on everything from supply chains to customer relationships.

SelectHubEpicor vs SAP vs Infor ERP Comparison
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The 10 Best Functions of Job Shop Software

Profitability in job shop manufacturing relies on efficiency, accuracy, and above all, organization. Small-scale manufacturing and custom batch jobs present a unique set of challenges, not the least of which being profit management in such an unpredictable space. Job shops must take every precaution to avoid inaccurate information, unforeseen expenses and skewed profit margins.

SelectHubThe 10 Best Functions of Job Shop Software
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