7 Advantages of CRM Software

The ability to consistently meet or exceed customer expectations is an essential component of every successful business. Without loyal customers, long-term planning is impossible, and the viability of the company may be jeopardized. In today’s fiercely competitive business environment, it is critical to incorporate a customer relationship management software (CRM) system into your daily operations.

SelectHub7 Advantages of CRM Software
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SelectHub Announces Top CRM Software for 2016

Newly released SelectHub Leaderboard ranks top CRM systems across 20 key user and business requirements

Denver, Colo (PRWEB) December 15, 2015

SelectHub, a technology selection management (TSM) software company, today released their year-end update for their CRM Software Leaderboard– showcasing the top CRM systems ranked across more than twenty key requirements.

SelectHubSelectHub Announces Top CRM Software for 2016
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How to Choose a CRM

In the fast paced world in which our businesses currently operate, customer relationships often determine the success or failure of a company. As such, organizations must prioritize these relationships and how they are managed. One of the best ways to accomplish this daunting task is to employ customer relationship management software, or CRM. See the below steps detailing how to choose a CRM.

SelectHubHow to Choose a CRM
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Why Use a CRM

The most difficult part of making sales is converting someone into a customer. Once a person has already purchased from you, it’s much easier to get another sale out of them in the future.

SelectHubWhy Use a CRM
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5 CRM Innovations for 2016

Customer relationship management has evolved significantly over the last couple of years and organizations of all sizes are benefiting from it. While robust and effective CRMs are more available than ever, you need to know the available features and what specific functions your organization needs.  As the technology continues to evolve, here are 5 CRM innovations we see occurring now and moving into 2016.

SelectHub5 CRM Innovations for 2016
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CRM Software Comparison Guide

If you’ve done any amount of research on customer relationship management software, you know that there are an overwhelming number of solutions available. Advertised as “one size fits all” CRM platforms, vertical-specific, cloud-based CRM, small business solutions, open source CRM, enterprise systems – it’s no wonder doing CRM software comparison is a challenge for buyers.

SelectHubCRM Software Comparison Guide
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How to Select the Best CRM for Your Business Objectives

Whether you are a small business or large organization searching for ways to grow, many turn to customer relationship management (CRM) technologies as a foundation for change. They’ve done their research and recognize that they need a CRM. Once the need has been discovered, what’s next? Organizations should do a thorough evaluation to find the best CRM solution that fits their unique needs.

SelectHubHow to Select the Best CRM for Your Business Objectives
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Top CRM Companies to Watch in 2016

When evaluating the right CRM system for your company, you need to know which packages excel in terms of features and functionality that your business can use. SelectHub has evaluated more than 100 top CRM companies across 20 different features/functionality sets. We’ve received input from multiple sources, such as customers who have purchased the products and feedback from top industry analysts.

SelectHubTop CRM Companies to Watch in 2016
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Top CRM Recommendations and Analysis

CRM platforms are becoming commonplace amongst businesses large, small and everywhere in between. CRM features including lead/customer management, marketing/sales reporting and automation add tremendous efficiencies to your operations. More money is made and saved.

SelectHubTop CRM Recommendations and Analysis
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Top Business Benefits of CRM Systems

Every company, whether they engage in services, sales, or creating artistic masterpieces, needs to interact with their customers. Of all the myriad software tools in existence, the most widely applicable for customer interaction are Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

SelectHubTop Business Benefits of CRM Systems
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