10 Benefits of CRM for Small Business Owners

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems are designed to streamline your business processes involving your customers and potential customers. However, if you’re a small business owner you may be hesitant to use this technology because they are unfamiliar with this new concept. Entrepreneurs who are not well-versed in technology sourcing may also avoid using software such as CRM for their businesses.

SelectHub10 Benefits of CRM for Small Business Owners
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CRM vs. Marketing Automation

Many people and businesses are wondering the difference between CRM vs. marketing automation. If you’ve done any research, you already know that combining CRM & marketing automation is highly recommended. But, you still may be wondering what the actual difference is since you’ll likely have to invest in 2 different solutions.

SelectHubCRM vs. Marketing Automation
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CRM Sales Automation Software Optimization

Your customer relationship management solution is a powerful tool for your sales force, but these software solutions aren’t simply one-size-fits-all for the sales department. The right one greatly increases the productivity through sales automation and has other features that let your sales staff focus on the human side of selling. However, you need to follow a few best practices for technology sourcing before you implement CRM sales automation software.

SelectHubCRM Sales Automation Software Optimization
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How to Define Your CRM Scope

Defining the scope of your customer relationship management (CRM) project means figuring out which areas of your business will be affected by the new CRM solution. Before any CRM initiative begins, scoping is essential to establish what the effort will and will not cover, and to prevent feature creep and project bloating. Follow the steps below to properly define the scope for your next CRM project.

SelectHubHow to Define Your CRM Scope
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Reference Guide to Picking a CRM Platform

Picking the right CRM platform for your business requires countless decisions, so it can be hard to tell if you’ve covered all your bases. You don’t want to make it through the deployment before finding out the CRM is missing a key feature that your company needs for growth. Instead of going into a mission critical choice blind, use the following resources to guide you in your CRM platform selection process.

SelectHubReference Guide to Picking a CRM Platform
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Free CRM RFP Template and Step-by-Step Guide

These days, customer relationship management software is a “must have” for almost every business–no matter the size. For many, CRM strategy is the most important component to drive and manage the success of their business. And a successful strategy requires a robust and great-fitting CRM software solution. But with so many solutions available, it can be difficult to sort out what’s being offered and what you really need. A good approach to ensure you select the right CRM solution is to create a CRM RFP (Request For Proposal) to send out to a shortlist of vendors.

SelectHubFree CRM RFP Template and Step-by-Step Guide
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Streamline Your CRM Evaluation Process and Selection Criteria

You may have read our customer relationship management (CRM) checklist and requirements template, but how do you evaluate a CRM against the many requirements most important for your organization? CRM systems have evolved well beyond just keeping track of your contacts.

SelectHubStreamline Your CRM Evaluation Process and Selection Criteria
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CRM Software Selection Quick Start Guide

Customer relationship management (CRM) software provides many benefits to a business, from making the sales department more productive to building customer retention. CRM software is widely used, with Gartner projecting the market at $23.9 billion and proclaiming it “the heart of digital initiatives.” A CRM system handles many critical processes for your business, especially in the sales department therefore CRM software selection requires researching, sourcing, validating and performing due diligence before you sign a contract.

SelectHubCRM Software Selection Quick Start Guide
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The Future of CRM

The business world’s frequently evolving environment makes it necessary for companies to modernize and modify the way that they communicate with their customers. To make the task easier and more effective, businesses can take advantage of a customer relationship management, or CRM, program. In the coming years, CRM will be shifting in a number of ways.
SelectHubThe Future of CRM
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