Comparing Salesforce vs. Act! vs. Zoho

For companies looking at Customer Relationship Management dashboards, it’s important to get a tailored and customized solution that’s going to work for the business, rather than one that ends up confusing staff or hindering internal operations (see more from Gene Marks, a well-known expert on CRM, on HuffPo regarding using these tools the right way). Shoppers can look at a variety of types of functionality, along with pricing and service models, to figure out what works best for a particular business.

SelectHubComparing Salesforce vs. Act! vs. Zoho
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Sales Force Automation Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to Sales Force Automation software, companies have a lot to choose from. In addition, choices about sales force automation take place in a much greater context, where firms are also choosing many other kinds of enterprise software. Deciphering some of the contrasts between SFA vendors often requires quite a bit of research into how different enterprise offerings work.

SelectHubSales Force Automation Buyer’s Guide
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Salesforce CRM vs. Oracle Sales Cloud

Customer relationship management tools can impact outcomes for any business, regardless of its size. By helping companies to identify customers, direct customer experience and streamline sales and marketing, these types of systems are very much in demand in the enterprise world. Salesforce and Oracle are common choices for cloud-based CRM, as well as two of our top recommendations for Enterprise CRM.  Here are some of the ways that these options help businesses to improve in the 21st century:

SelectHubSalesforce CRM vs. Oracle Sales Cloud
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Salesforce vs Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs SugarCRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is among the most mature business software categories in the market today. CRM systems have evolved from small custom contact management tools into wide-ranging enterprise information portals.

SelectHubSalesforce vs Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs SugarCRM
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Will Cloud-Based CRM Systems Be Exclusively Used?

As customer data management becomes more complex, many businesses are switching to cloud-based CRM solutions. Even small businesses are beginning to adopt cloud CRM to integrate all aspects of marketing and sales. In the short period between 2008 and 2014, use of cloud-based CRM jumped from 12 percent to 87 percent, and the trend is showing no signs of slowing down.

SelectHubWill Cloud-Based CRM Systems Be Exclusively Used?
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How to Find the Best CRM Software?

For businesses both large and small, the practice of tracking customers through piles of paper and Excel spreadsheets is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems make it possible to not only record key customer information such as addresses and phone numbers, but also to track correspondence, sales pipeline data, and financial metrics. A good CRM system goes even further as it enables companies to design and deliver targeted marketing campaigns and to generate a meaningful cost-benefit analysis for each initiative.

SelectHubHow to Find the Best CRM Software?
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The Differences Between Enterprise CRM and CRM for Small Business

Customer relationship management, or CRM, software is a useful tool for many corporations, but smaller companies often consider it to be too much of a burden to implement. Large-scale CRM solutions are not inexpensive, and companies may spend a great deal of time and resources analyzing the cost-to-benefit relationship.

SelectHubThe Differences Between Enterprise CRM and CRM for Small Business
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How CRM Helps Improve Sales

An organization that relies on sales for revenue must run smoothly to be successful. Most sales-based organizations follow an established system that relies on data and content to operate. Sales content must be easy to create, simple for the sales team to access and pertinent to the prospective client.

SelectHubHow CRM Helps Improve Sales
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How To Use CRM Reviews

In the current digital landscape, it is increasingly important for businesses to capture data on clients and prospects, compile analytics on marketing efforts, and implement tools to improve the organizational efficiency of everything from sales to operations.

SelectHubHow To Use CRM Reviews
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11 Questions to Ask During a CRM Demo

Without customers, a business is just an idea. Success can’t even begin without dedicated clients. Many companies are turning to customer relationship management (CRM) software to develop and maintain steadfast relationships with their customers. CRM software is available for any sized business, from a small mom-and-pop shop to a large corporation. With so many options available, deciding on the right software can be difficult.

SelectHub11 Questions to Ask During a CRM Demo
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