21 Salesforce CRM Alternatives

While one of the most recognizable cloud-based software suites around, there are a number of Salesforce alternatives and competitors that provide many of the same features and functions. From web-based CRM to marketing automation integration, these Salesforce competitors may be more robust than you realize. In some cases, the alternatives even provide capabilities not available through Salesforce.

SelectHub21 Salesforce CRM Alternatives
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Salesforce CRM vs. Oracle Sales Cloud

Customer relationship management tools can impact outcomes for any business, regardless of its size. By helping companies to identify customers, direct customer experience and streamline sales and marketing, these types of systems are very much in demand in the enterprise world. Salesforce and Oracle are common choices for cloud-based CRM, as well as two of our top recommendations for Enterprise CRM.  While the award-winning Salesforce is the leader in its field by offering an open and connected infrastructure and data tracking across all touch points, Oracle Sales Cloud offers a seamless experience and deployment, the tools for providing pricing to customers, and monitors customer satisfaction in real-time.

For greater detail, here are some of the ways that these options help businesses to improve in the 21st century:

SelectHubSalesforce CRM vs. Oracle Sales Cloud
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A New Era of Sales Management Software

Technology is rapidly changing the business world.

While it brings tremendous new possibilities for those that are quick to adapt, those that fail to do so risk falling short of their competition.

SelectHubA New Era of Sales Management Software
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Healthcare CRM: Checking Up on Your Customers

The healthcare industry isn’t as siloed as you may think. Sure, it’s one of the more unique industries, but business is business. Even though healthcare is patient-centric (or at least it should to be), it still has the same needs as other industries. Healthcare businesses still need to manage their finances, secure their data and manage their customers (aka, their patients).

SelectHubHealthcare CRM: Checking Up on Your Customers
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Is There Such a Thing as Automated CRM?

Technology innovations have completely changed how companies are able to run their day-to-day operations. Today, it’s easier than ever to gain control over every part of the business, and customer care is no different.

SelectHubIs There Such a Thing as Automated CRM?
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Is Customer Experience Software Replacing CRM?

Not long ago, companies had a much easier time attracting new prospective clients. Customers didn’t have very many tools to compare performance and pricing with the competitors, and often made decisions solely on the initial pitch that they received from a company.

SelectHubIs Customer Experience Software Replacing CRM?
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The Big CRM Software Comparison Chart & Matrix

With so many options out there, selecting the right customer relationship management software (CRM) can seem like an uphill battle. The problem isn’t just that there are so many different systems; the fact that so many systems are designed to address specific needs is also an issue. It’s no wonder, then, why comparing CRM software to meet all of your specific requirements can be overwhelming.

SelectHubThe Big CRM Software Comparison Chart & Matrix
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NetSuite Competitors and Alternatives

NetSuite CRM+ is one of the customer relationship management (CRM) systems that we recommend the most. Why? Because it’s one of the most powerful CRM on the market today. A SaaS, cloud-based solution that provides real-time, 360-degree views of your customers, NetSuite users gain valuable insights into the customer lifecycle.

SelectHubNetSuite Competitors and Alternatives
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