Maintenance Management (CMMS)

What Size Companies Need Enterprise Asset Management?

Enterprise asset management, also known as EAM, oversees the maintenance of a company’s various assets.  The goal of EAM is to extend the life cycle of these assets and maximize the ROI.  Mostly used by manufacturing industries, the main assets managed with EAM are large, expensive pieces of equipment.  The worst thing for a company’s bottom line is high turnover for expensive equipment.  If you can’t keep your equipment running, good luck growing your profits.

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Building Maintenance Management Software

Buildings aren’t eternal. There are people that think that once a building goes up, it’s solid forever. But for those that know better, they know it’s an ongoing process full of regular inspections and hard work. No matter the type of building, whether school or skyscraper, every building needs regular maintenance. For a time it was a manual process, which made it difficult to perform properly. Luckily, software was developed to automate much of the process.

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CMMS vs Plant Management Software

Contrary to what many white collar workers believe, maintenance workers have tough jobs.  From prioritizing tasks to inspecting heavy machinery, there’s no shortage of responsibilities.  To help these workers get their jobs done faster and more effectively, software was introduced to the industry.  Since then, computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) and plant management solutions have created safer and more efficient facilities.

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The Internet of Things and its Impact on Maintenance Management

There are buzzwords aplenty in the business world these days.  You can barely read through a company’s website or blog without seeing at least three industry buzzwords per page.  And yes, we realize we sometimes do this too, so we decided to use this post to take a slightly different approach.  Rather than just using our favorite buzzwords today, we’ll give you the definition of one of the biggest ones going around today: The Internet of Things, or IoT.

SelectHubThe Internet of Things and its Impact on Maintenance Management
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Finding the Best Work Order Management Software

Work order management software is a specific kind of enterprise software product that helps to create and manage service requests and, yes, work orders. Usually, these work orders are for various types of maintenance tasks. The category of work order management software is often folded into another category called Computerized Maintenance Management Software, or CMMS. However, the work order management software component focuses on systems that support preventive maintenance, as well as asset maintenance and management processes.

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What is Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM) Software?

Among the many new forms of enterprise software making their way onto markets, computer-aided facility management software, or CAFM software, is one of the most mysterious, and one of the most complex. For some executives, it’s confusing to try to figure out what CAFM is and what it does. This isn’t exactly helped by the fact that CAFM also goes by the general terms facilities management software, facility management software and FM, and is sometimes used interchangeably with CMMS, which stands for computerized maintenance management system.  So what does CAFM technology do for businesses?

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6 Key Tasks Preventative Maintenance Software Enhances

Preventative maintenance software (a common feature of CMMS) helps to assess and evaluate assets and ensure their peak performance for the enterprise. In many ways, these resources are decision support tools for maintenance. They help promote pre-emptive and preventive maintenance — not just reactive maintenance routines.  Here are 6  key tasks preventative maintenance software vastly improves:

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10 Ways Software Can Help with Facilities Management

Facilities management software is one of the exciting advancements made in business software in the last ten years. With a variety of features and functionality, Computer Aided Facility Management or CAFM software (sometimes simply called Facilities Management or FM software) helps companies to keep better track of assets, maintain facility operations and achieve best practices in planning.  Here are 10 key ways that companies use Facilities Management software to their advantage:

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The Difference between EAM and CMMS

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) are alike in many ways — but they also have slightly different sets of functionality, according to their most common uses.

On a very basic level, some of the differences between these two categories of software are evident in their names — CMMS includes the word ‘maintenance’, and that’s its major focus — a focus on streamlining and automating maintenance tasks and providing communications for maintenance-related activities. On the other hand, EAM includes the term ‘asset management’. Its focus is generally on preserving an asset for its full life cycle, and maximizing its potential for enterprise use.

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