Maintenance Management (CMMS)

Enterprise Asset Management Software Requirements Checklist and Template

There’s nothing more important to a business than managing its assets, and we know it can be overwhelming to tackle. Enterprise asset management software (EAM) undertakes this task so you can get back to the business of running your business.  If you’re considering purchasing an EAM platform, it’s crucial to know what to expect from EAM vendors and to know exactly which features you need. We’ve made this helpful EAM software requirements checklist to help you in your selection process.

Bergen AdairEnterprise Asset Management Software Requirements Checklist and Template
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IBM Maximo vs SAP

Flaunting your assets can have several meanings — but it remains true that to flaunt them, you’ve got to take care of them! In business, you also have to manage those assets in order to maintain their value and keep them up and running. Luckily, you don’t have to work hard to keep them working when you use enterprise asset management software.

Bergen AdairIBM Maximo vs SAP
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The Big List of CMMS Features and Functionality

Computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) helps you keep track of your firm’s physical assets and manage their upkeep. It provides management support, data maintenance and tracking of such assets as a delivery fleet so you can always pinpoint each vehicle’s location.

CMMS software also logs maintenance and repairs records, locates the parts or materials required, tracks associated costs and manages related workflows. All these CMMS features improve your the overall productivity of your organization by reducing the downtime normally associated with equipment-related tasks.

SelectHubThe Big List of CMMS Features and Functionality
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The Best Asset Management Software in 2018

Are you aware of the condition of your assets right now, as you’re reading this? An organization is nothing without its assets — but they can be a lot to manage on your own. That’s why most businesses use enterprise asset management (EAM) software to digitize many of the elements of asset management to improve efficiency and reliability.

All EAM software — a subcategory of CMMS software — offer asset management, but some stand out from the crowd for this crucial feature. Here are the best EAM vendors for both fixed and IT asset management.

Bergen AdairThe Best Asset Management Software in 2018
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How Mobile CMMS Benefits Manufacturers

Maintenance staff at manufacturing plants are often on the move, needing quick access to data related to equipment and repairs. Relying on paperwork stored in one physical location to complete job duties isn’t always convenient — or realistic, for that matter. Computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) have long benefitted maintenance departments by centralizing data and automating tasks. However, mobile CMMS applications are increasingly becoming a must-have for industry professionals.

DPSIHow Mobile CMMS Benefits Manufacturers
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The Future of Power Plant Software

Power plants are not to be messed with. They’re incredibly important to our everyday lives, filled with energy and, most importantly, they can be dangerous. Power plants simply can’t afford to make errors, which means that maintenance and management has to be top notch. And organizing all of that work is tough — if not impossible — to do manually. So how can you handle the day-to-day operations at peak efficiency? With power plant software.

SelectHubThe Future of Power Plant Software
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Fixed Asset Management Software: Features, Requirements, Benefits and Recommended Vendors

The ability to effectively track assets is essential for any company, no matter its size or the industry that it operates in. Every company has fixed assets such as machines and equipment that are needed to operate properly, as well as many smaller assets that also need to be tracked and managed.

SelectHubFixed Asset Management Software: Features, Requirements, Benefits and Recommended Vendors
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Leading Healthcare CMMS Solutions

There are over 5,000 hospitals operating in the United States, according to the most recent American Hospital Association data. Each of them faces maintenance challenges that need to be dealt with in an efficient and effective manner. That’s why running a hospital today is unimaginable without the help of a comprehensive Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

SelectHubLeading Healthcare CMMS Solutions
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Manufacturing Maintenance Software: Benefits and Recommendations

If only manufacturing plants were like regular plants. Wouldn’t it be nice if all you had to do was put them in sunlight and pour water on them every day? Sadly, there’s a little more work involved in keeping a manufacturing operation running. From organizing maintenance workers to scheduling maintenance and handling work orders, there’s a lot that goes into the maintenance of a manufacturing facility. Luckily for maintenance managers, manufacturing maintenance software makes that job a lot easier.

SelectHubManufacturing Maintenance Software: Benefits and Recommendations
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4 Tasks Maintenance Tracking Software Manages

“I’d much rather write things down on paper and organize them in huge piles than do it digitally,” said no one ever. In this day and age, we’re sure we don’t need to instill in you the importance of business software (because, you know, it’s pretty important). That’s why we’re not talking why you need certain types of software today. Instead, we’re highlighting the specific tasks you can manage by using maintenance tracking software.

SelectHub4 Tasks Maintenance Tracking Software Manages
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What is CMMS?

From WMS, ERP and HR to SCM, BI and CRM, the business software world is filled with acronyms. Believe us when we say that we know how you feel; sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of all the acronyms and what they all mean. With that being said, let’s take a look at one of those many software acronyms, and answer one simple question: what is CMMS?

SelectHubWhat is CMMS?
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Facility Management Software Options: Deployments, Development Models and Vendors

Of the many assets every business owns — from servers to vehicles to heavy machinery — one asset stands as the most important: the facility. The facility, after all, is where all of your operations happen. Therefore, it needs to be well taken care of to keep everything running smoothly. In order to ensure that this happens, businesses turn to facility management software.

SelectHubFacility Management Software Options: Deployments, Development Models and Vendors
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Integrating Handheld Devices with Mobile CMMS

Considering a new CMMS or EAM is an exciting time in any organization. The right system can open up a world of advanced possibilities. But a transition also presents many potential pitfalls. One of the most frequent missteps is not optimally integrating mobile technology.  It’s critical to recognize how enmeshed technology is in your organization, and what that means for your department.

Lisa BagadiaIntegrating Handheld Devices with Mobile CMMS
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Customer Onboarding – A Critical Part of CMMS Success

If you’ve started the process of adding a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) to your operation, then you already know that it involves much more than a financial investment.  It also requires a commitment to the time and energy needed to ensure that the system does what it’s designed to do. What needs to be understood is that any CMMS on its own, no matter how many bells and whistles it has, won’t perform to its potential unless the users understand its purpose, value and method of operation. Without consistent and appropriate user involvement, a CMMS runs the risk of falling short of its intended mark.

Hippo CMMSCustomer Onboarding – A Critical Part of CMMS Success
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Open-Source CMMS: Is It Worth It?

Companies looking for computerized maintenance management software, or “CMMS,” can face some significant decisions — this type of enterprise software resource can be tremendously valuable and save enormous amounts of time, effort and money. At the same time, there are a lot of options to choose from, and not all of them provide the same results.

SelectHubOpen-Source CMMS: Is It Worth It?
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The Future of Facilities Management: AI, Robots, and Outer Space

The importance of facilities management has increased exponentially over the last decade, as businesses start to understand the true impact of the environment. Gone are the days when management teams were responsible for little more than checking boxes and ticking off safety requirements. Now, the role is heavily integrated with enterprise asset management (EAM) processes.

SelectHubThe Future of Facilities Management: AI, Robots, and Outer Space
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