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What Business Thinks of CIOs & IT – Latest Research

As we all know, business leaders and end-users have strong opinions about IT and vice versa. Here is a summary of a recent poll I conducted across 52 large-cap and Fortune 1000 companies regarding what non-IT folks think of IT, along with a few recommendations on what CIOs can do about it.

Tony BengtsonWhat Business Thinks of CIOs & IT – Latest Research
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The Top 17 Fears of CIOs Right Now

Over at ZDNet, Steve Ranger talks about a survey he recently took of a number of IT executives. He asked what the top CIO concerns were and then arranged them by “Tactical” — worries from the here and now — and “Strategic” — concerns about the future.

Here is his list. Check out his post for further analysis…

Tactical Issues

  1. Issues of personal ownership, employee satisfaction, and risk vs need when it comes to BYOD

  2. Mergers and acquisitions

  3. Justifying legacy upgrades

  4. Outsourcing — Managing relationships with providers, getting the most value for the cost, and avoiding a loss of control

  5. Big data, both in terms of internal data and external data

  6. Dealing with shadow IT

  7. Integrating cloud and in-house operations and understanding the liability of cloud providers

  8. Ensuring IT security

  9. Reducing opex

Strategic Issues

  1. Data quality

  2. Innovation — Dealing with the demand for innovation, determining what innovations are wisest, and dealing with the risk involved

  3. How to stop IT from being viewed as a commodity

  4. Reducing complexity

  5. Managing expectations

  6. Presenting IT as an enabler

  7. Engaging with the business

  8. Talent management

SelectHubThe Top 17 Fears of CIOs Right Now
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