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Competitiveness Analysis of the Top Tableau Competitors

Lots of companies have heard about Tableau Software, a top-rated business intelligence product. Their products include Tableau Public, Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server and Tableau Online – all viable BI solutions. But there are lots of other attractive Tableau alternatives that make good use of business data assets through cloud-based and self-service business intelligence.

SelectHubCompetitiveness Analysis of the Top Tableau Competitors
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SaaS BI Tools Pros and Cons

Companies today have a real need for business intelligence — businesses are trying to harness the right data sets, and analyze them in the right ways, to make good decisions about products, services, customers, suppliers and much more.

SelectHubSaaS BI Tools Pros and Cons
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Qlikview vs. BusinessObjects vs. Spotfire

Many companies are evaluating business intelligence (BI) tools to turn information into insight, to provide actionable uses of data assets, and to stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing modern business world. But what tools are best for business intelligence, and how are they used? Here is a comparison of three major resources for business intelligence projects.

SelectHubQlikview vs. BusinessObjects vs. Spotfire
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Cognos vs. SAS vs. MicroStrategy

When choosing a Business Intelligence software solution, it’s important to have a bird’s eye view of the overall offerings of each platform, and how those features dovetail into an entrepreneur’s needs. In this article, we’ll be comparing three leaders in the space: Cognos, SAS and MicroStrategy.

SelectHubCognos vs. SAS vs. MicroStrategy
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SAS vs SAP vs Power BI

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when choosing a BI software solution, but rest assured that the wide range of options on the market mean there’s a solution for virtually any company’s needs. In this article, we’ll be comparing three leaders in the business intelligence field: SAS Visual Analytics, SAP BusinessObjects, and Microsoft Power BI.

SelectHubSAS vs SAP vs Power BI
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Find the Best Business Intelligence Software

If you’ve come here to find the best-fit business intelligence software or tools for your needs, you’re in good hands. Not only have we done the research and built you a top BI tools leaderboard, we also have hundreds of BI software buyers actively using our system to define business requirements, send BI software RFPs and engage with vendors. We know what it takes to help someone find the best software for their needs.

Now, about business intelligence…

Business intelligence (BI) is a commonly considered a variety of software tools or platforms used to analyze your company’s data. It’s also a practice that includes data mining, online analytical processing, querying, reporting, dashboarding and more.

The best business intelligence software makes all of these complex practices more simple and powerful, providing substantial improvements within an organization.

SelectHubFind the Best Business Intelligence Software
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A Primer on Data Warehouse Requirements Gathering

Is your business information coherent enough for advanced analysis, or is it time to get serious about aggregation? Data warehouses have massive potential to imbue your reporting and scrutiny tasks with increased accuracy, but there’s more than one way to implement a repository. It’s up to you to create a system that satisfies the need for uniform data integration while remaining responsive to your analysis practices.

SelectHubA Primer on Data Warehouse Requirements Gathering
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How Business Intelligence Helps You Leave the Competition Behind

Coming up with strategies to surpass competitors is vital to the success of your company. One of the most popular ways to innovate these days is with Business Intelligence, or BI. BI is the assortment of systems, software and processes used to collect, analyze and make decisions on data from a business.

SelectHubHow Business Intelligence Helps You Leave the Competition Behind
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