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SAS vs SAP vs Power BI

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when choosing a BI software solution, but rest assured that the wide range of options on the market mean there’s a solution for virtually any company’s needs. In this article, we’ll be comparing three leaders in the business intelligence field: SAS Visual Analytics, SAP BusinessObjects, and Microsoft Power BI.

SelectHubSAS vs SAP vs Power BI
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Find the Best Business Intelligence Software

If you’ve come here to find the best-fit business intelligence software or tools for your needs, you’re in good hands. Not only have we done the research and built you a top BI tools leaderboard, we also have hundreds of BI software buyers actively using our system to define business requirements, send BI software RFPs and engage with vendors. We know what it takes to help someone find the best software for their needs.

Now, about business intelligence…

Business intelligence (BI) is a commonly considered a variety of software tools or platforms used to analyze your company’s data. It’s also a practice that includes data mining, online analytical processing, querying, reporting, dashboarding and more.

The best business intelligence software makes all of these complex practices more simple and powerful, providing substantial improvements within an organization.

SelectHubFind the Best Business Intelligence Software
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A Primer on Data Warehouse Requirements Gathering

Is your business information coherent enough for advanced analysis, or is it time to get serious about aggregation? Data warehouses have massive potential to imbue your reporting and scrutiny tasks with increased accuracy, but there’s more than one way to implement a repository. It’s up to you to create a system that satisfies the need for uniform data integration while remaining responsive to your analysis practices.

SelectHubA Primer on Data Warehouse Requirements Gathering
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Future of the Business Intelligence Software Market

The year 2015 saw major changes that reverberated through the global business intelligence software market. While many of the driving principles behind business intelligence remain the same, there are a host of promising trends that make this an exciting time to be involved in the way organizations leverage data analysis. If you haven’t been keeping up with the BI market, read on for a quick recap and our predictions for 2016.

SelectHubFuture of the Business Intelligence Software Market
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Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

There tends to be some confusion in the industry concerning Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehousing (DW). Some people conflate them into a single term – BI/DW (Business Intelligence/Data Warehouse) – and consider them to fundamentally be the same thing. Other people believe that a data warehouse merely stores information to form the back end of business intelligence, and that they are completely separate entities. As with many conflicts, the truth depends upon your point of view.

SelectHubBusiness Intelligence and Data Warehousing
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7 Reasons to Use Self-Service Business Intelligence Tools

Self-service business intelligence boasts features that enable users to become more self-reliant and less dependent on information technology (IT) experts.  The 4 ways this is accomplished are: (1) easy access to source data (2) better support for data analysis, (3) faster deployment options, and (4) simpler, adaptive, and collaborative end-user interfaces.

SelectHub7 Reasons to Use Self-Service Business Intelligence Tools
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Four Useful BI Applications

The use of Business Intelligence (BI) is not a new concept to many companies and firms. It entails software solutions that analyze data that users input and/or are fed from data sources and presents visualizations, allowing an organization to come up with up-to-date and well-informed strategies. With the latest trend of technology and inventions, there are countless BI applications available for varied analysis.

SelectHubFour Useful BI Applications
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Business Intelligence Product Comparison Guide

Going through the process of business intelligence product comparison and trying to choose the right BI vendor can be a lengthy and difficult task. There are so many BI solutions available on the market today that it’s tough to know where to start. Follow our guidelines below to accelerate the BI selection process for your organization.

SelectHubBusiness Intelligence Product Comparison Guide
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Benefits of Business Intelligence Software

Business intelligence software comprises a range of data analytics tools designed to analyze and manage data related to your business operations. BI’s rich visualization capabilities allow businesses to monitor sales, logistics, and even productivity–and provides extensive data analysis using richly visualized, intuitive reports.

SelectHubBenefits of Business Intelligence Software
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5 Questions Before Selecting Business Intelligence Software Solutions

Are you tired of technology implementations that don’t yield results? Nucleus Research has found that for every dollar invested in business intelligence tools (BI) and analytics, companies earn an average of $10.66 back. Additionally, 74 percent of businesses who fail to invest in BI are negatively impacted.

SelectHub5 Questions Before Selecting Business Intelligence Software Solutions
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10 Features of a Cloud BI Solution

If you’ve been in the market for a business intelligence (BI) solution, chances are you’re familiar with many on-site, hardware-based options. While hardware-based BI systems offers remarkable advantages and capabilities, there is another, less-expensive and equally powerful option: cloud-based business intelligence.

SelectHub10 Features of a Cloud BI Solution
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Business Intelligence RFP Template and Guide

Business intelligence software is a powerful, yet complicated technology. Selecting the best BI platform for your business takes substantial legwork. It’s essential that your selection process, including your request for proposal (RFP), is managed well. When you are ready to create a business intelligence RFP, we recommend the following process to make sure you execute the RFP most effectively.

SelectHubBusiness Intelligence RFP Template and Guide
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How to Evaluate BI Tools

Selecting a business intelligence solution is a unique process for each organization, and what works best for one business may be totally wrong for another. To make matters worse, there are countless vendors on the market, each offering a different solution. Fortunately, SelectHub is here to help.

SelectHubHow to Evaluate BI Tools
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The Big List of Business Intelligence Capabilities

Through data analysis, analytical processing and data mining, business intelligence tools fulfill a comprehensive range of business data needs. Organizations that adopt it benefit from actionable, understandable data they can use to optimize business performance. BI streamlines operations, reduces workloads, and improves productivity — and achieves all this through the following critical BI capabilities. 

SelectHubThe Big List of Business Intelligence Capabilities
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BI Requirements Template and Checklist

A great way to jumpstart your BI software selection project is with a quality business intelligence tool selection template that contains the most important criteria to consider when purchasing a BI solution. Our BI requirements gathering template contains a consolidation of key criteria identified by industry analysts and SelectHub users involved in actual BI selection projects.

SelectHubBI Requirements Template and Checklist
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