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Looker vs Tableau and Other BI Tools

One of the more popular business intelligence solutions on the market today is Looker. The system has been gaining a lot of attention these days, as the fields of business intelligence and Big Data explode. Getting actionable insights out of raw data is becoming, if it isn’t already, the most valuable asset of many businesses. These analytics are helping business leaders understand their customers, and even their own business, better.

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Everything You Need to Know about Microsoft Business Intelligence Tools

We’re truly living in the age of Big Data. For modern businesses, information is everything. The more you collect, the closer you get to perfection. It is this relentless pursuit of optimization that is currently driving the distribution sector. Being perfect means eliminating waste, maximizing big ticket transactions, and keeping both eyes on the supply chain at all times.

SelectHubEverything You Need to Know about Microsoft Business Intelligence Tools
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6 Million Ways to BI — Choose One

Data, data, data…That’s all we’re hearing about nowadays.  Big Data, data mining, data scientists and the like appear at the top of Google searches and blog headlines more than ever before, and with good reason.  The business leaders of today, in every industry, have discovered how to use their data to its fullest potential.

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Predictive, Descriptive and Prescriptive Analytics

We live in an age dominated by digital content. The volume of data which modern enterprises have to process, interpret, and reconfigure on a regular basis is nothing short of massive. With the internet of things (IoT) growing more and more prevalent, the amount of data is rapidly increasing, particularly when it comes to supply chain systems.

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The Top Business Intelligence Requirements

Business intelligence (BI) has transformed from data collecting into a more advanced discipline.  Today, people use BI solutions to draw insights from their business’ data. These insights, or actionable pieces of information, help make informed decisions to improve your business processes. Since BI tools are numerous and variable in both cost and features, they can be difficult to evaluate.  But doing so properly can be one of the best investments of time a business can make.

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The Business Intelligence Market is Growing – What Does That Mean for Me?

The Business Intelligence (BI) software industry is quickly emerging as one of the top software categories in terms of market size.  With an expected increase of 7.3 percent from 2016, global revenue of BI software is forecast to reach $18.3 billion in 2017, according to Gartner.  In addition, Gartner expects global revenue of BI to rise to $22.8 billion in 2020.

We realize that the rise of an analytics-driven industry isn’t exactly breaking news these days, but you may be wondering what these forecasts can mean for you and your business.  With BI software leading the way in helping businesses make better-informed decisions, there are a few key points to take note of based on Gartner’s predictions.

SelectHubThe Business Intelligence Market is Growing – What Does That Mean for Me?
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Do All Businesses Need Dashboard Software?

In today’s high-tech world, where vendors offer many different kinds of enterprise software to companies, dashboard software is important. It’s something that’s very much in demand in specific types of ERP, such as customer relationship management, financial management, and marketing.

SelectHubDo All Businesses Need Dashboard Software?
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