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The Top BI Features Buyers Want in 2018

As your business grows, so does the amount of data you collect. Your data may become unmanageable, or the present state of your business may require deeper data analysis. The bottom line is you want to get the most out of your data, and your business has outgrown the system (or lack thereof) that is currently in place. You’ve concluded you need business intelligence software.

Alainia ConradThe Top BI Features Buyers Want in 2018
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Enterprise BI Software: What is it, and What are the Best Solutions?

Not all business intelligence software is created equal. Sure, there are plenty of BI tools with great reporting, data analytics and visual functions. But just because a BI tool works great for one business, doesn’t guarantee it’ll have the same impact for another. This is especially true when you take the size of a business into account. 

SelectHubEnterprise BI Software: What is it, and What are the Best Solutions?
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What are Visual Analytics Tools and Which Ones Should I Use?

“I love to read through thousands of rows of data tables to digest information,” said no one ever. Most of the data that you collect ends up in some kind of standard table of rows and columns. Although you could leave it in this form, it’s not only boring to look at, but also incredibly difficult to actually understand the big picture. Sure, you may get a general sense of what the data holds — you may even be able to spot a pattern or two. But to get a true picture of the story that your data tells, you need visual analytics tools.

SelectHubWhat are Visual Analytics Tools and Which Ones Should I Use?
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7 Critical Analytics Tools for Big Data

Big Data is no longer optional for businesses. The ability to quickly and effectively analyze large amounts of data and extract useful insights is made easier than ever by today’s advances in software technology. Businesses that fail to adapt are all but guaranteed to succumb to their competition.

SelectHub7 Critical Analytics Tools for Big Data
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What to Look for in Data Visualization Tools

In today’s hyper-competitive business world, only decisions that are backed by data can be trusted to bring the desired results. But in order to gain valuable insights from their data, companies must first understand it, and that’s very difficult if you aren’t able to visualize the data in a way that makes it easy to understand.

SelectHubWhat to Look for in Data Visualization Tools
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The key to success is to understand how effective your business processes are. We’re not just talking about the ones that revolve around your main revenue stream, whether that’s making diapers or fixing solar panels. We’re talking every single one of your processes, from recruiting to marketing to supply chain management. In order to gain insights into the performance of these processes, businesses use two types of software: corporate performance management (CPM) and business intelligence (BI). What the average person doesn’t know, however, is what actually differentiates CPM vs BI. Let’s start by quickly defining each of them:

SelectHubCPM vs BI
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Five Strategies for Driving Revenue Growth With Predictive Analytics

The greatest competitive edge any company can have is knowing more about its operations and the market dynamics affecting its operations than its competitors. Competing with greater intensity and the ability to get more done in less time is what differentiates market leaders from every other company in a given industry.

Louis ColumbusFive Strategies for Driving Revenue Growth With Predictive Analytics
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BI Software for Healthcare

Big Data and data analytics just may be the defining concepts of the 2010s. As today’s modern businesses attempt to become more data-driven, they adopt business intelligence (BI) software to make sense of all the data they collect. You’ll find businesses of all kinds, from financial institutions to manufacturing companies, using BI software to optimize their various processes. But what about other, more niche industries? For example, what about BI software for healthcare organizations?

SelectHubBI Software for Healthcare
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Analytics Behind IoT: How to Give Even More Power to Your Business

The Internet of Things (IoT): the buzzword of our times. The concept of the vast network of interconnected devices, from those in our homes to the ones in our pockets. But if we think about it, companies aren’t using IoT just for fun gadgets; it’s actually serving many businesses and changing the way they work. IoT has actually enabled a whole new world that’s truly improving thanks to the amount of connectivity. For example, think of activity trackers that improve your health, or connected home electronics that reduce energy consumption. Despite how much it already helps us, how can IoT go even further?

icCubeAnalytics Behind IoT: How to Give Even More Power to Your Business
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Pentaho vs Tableau

Few will disagree with the claim that business intelligence software is changing the way companies are structured and operated. Certainly, analytics tools are having a profound effect on the way internal decisions are made. The ability to review consolidated information from a broad range of applications allows for faster, wiser, more informed responses. Two of the best systems analytics tools today are Pentaho and Tableau.

SelectHubPentaho vs Tableau
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Embedded Analytics: Go The Extra Mile

Choosing an embedded analytical and reporting tool isn’t like choosing furniture. It’s more like choosing a friend who’ll join you in a journey over the course of the next few years. A journey that, in a fast changing world, will be filled with unknowns and challenges.

icCubeEmbedded Analytics: Go The Extra Mile
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Excel for BI: Using and Replacing It

For businesses, Microsoft Excel is the equivalent of, say, a really good website or a reliable accountant. It’s an essential tool, no matter what industry you work in or the size of your operation. While it isn’t the only program to offer formulas and pivot tables, Excel is the most popular tool for statistical analysis anywhere in the world.

SelectHubExcel for BI: Using and Replacing It
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Looker vs Tableau and Other BI Tools

One of the more popular business intelligence solutions on the market today is Looker. The system has been gaining a lot of attention these days, as the fields of business intelligence and Big Data explode. Getting actionable insights out of raw data is becoming, if it isn’t already, the most valuable asset of many businesses. These analytics are helping business leaders understand their customers, and even their own business, better.

SelectHubLooker vs Tableau and Other BI Tools
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Everything You Need to Know about Microsoft Business Intelligence Tools

We’re truly living in the age of Big Data. For modern businesses, information is everything. The more you collect, the closer you get to perfection. It is this relentless pursuit of optimization that is currently driving the distribution sector. Being perfect means eliminating waste, maximizing big ticket transactions, and keeping both eyes on the supply chain at all times.

SelectHubEverything You Need to Know about Microsoft Business Intelligence Tools
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Understanding Business Intelligence Tools

Data, data, data…That’s all we’re hearing about nowadays.  Big Data, data mining, data scientists and the like appear at the top of Google searches and blog headlines more than ever before, and with good reason.  The business leaders of today, in every industry, have discovered how to use their data to its fullest potential.

SelectHubUnderstanding Business Intelligence Tools
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