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What are Microsoft’s Business Intelligence Tools?

The full range of Microsoft business intelligence tools includes a variety of software programs that companies can use to move data through IT systems, extract data, and build sophisticated reports showing decision-makers much more about what happens inside a business operation. When using Microsoft BI products, buyers have choices; after all, how the internal staff decide to set up the system matters.

SelectHubWhat are Microsoft’s Business Intelligence Tools?
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The Top Business Intelligence Requirements

Business intelligence (BI) has transformed from data collecting into a more advanced discipline.  Today, people use BI solutions to draw insights from their business’ data. These insights, or actionable pieces of information, help make informed decisions to improve your business processes. Since BI tools are numerous and variable in both cost and features, they can be difficult to evaluate.  But doing so properly can be one of the best investments of time a business can make.

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The Business Intelligence Market is Growing – What Does That Mean for Me?

The Business Intelligence (BI) software industry is quickly emerging as one of the top software categories in terms of market size.  With an expected increase of 7.3 percent from 2016, global revenue of BI software is forecast to reach $18.3 billion in 2017, according to Gartner.  In addition, Gartner expects global revenue of BI to rise to $22.8 billion in 2020.

We realize that the rise of an analytics-driven industry isn’t exactly breaking news these days, but you may be wondering what these forecasts can mean for you and your business.  With BI software leading the way in helping businesses make better-informed decisions, there are a few key points to take note of based on Gartner’s predictions.

SelectHubThe Business Intelligence Market is Growing – What Does That Mean for Me?
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Do All Businesses Need Dashboard Software?

In today’s high-tech world, where vendors offer many different kinds of enterprise software to companies, dashboard software is important. It’s something that’s very much in demand in specific types of ERP, such as customer relationship management, financial management, and marketing.

Michael ShearerDo All Businesses Need Dashboard Software?
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12 Top Data Analytics Software Systems

Data analytics software enables human decision makers to go in and examine raw data, to make all sorts of conclusions about the realities around that data. Enterprise users rely on data analysis software to get actionable results out of big data, and to effectively use existing data assets. Here are some of the most popular and interesting data analytics choices on today’s market.

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Tableau vs. QlikView vs. Microsoft Power BI

If you’re evaluating Tableau vs. QlikView vs. Microsoft Power BI, read on. We highlight the key pros and cons of each of these vendors.  Plus, we included a comprehensive business intelligence software leaderboard, showing how each stacks up across 20 key business and functional requirements.

Louis ColumbusTableau vs. QlikView vs. Microsoft Power BI
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Tableau vs. Microstrategy

Want to compare Tableau vs. Microstrategy to see which is the better BI software for you? Both Tableau and Microstrategy have been actively useful in the BI space for a while, and have attracted their own proponents, while generating quite a lot of analytical debate. There is a consensus that each of these platforms has its own strengths and potential drawbacks, and that each can be useful in its own capacity.

SelectHubTableau vs. Microstrategy
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6 Key Types of Business Intelligence Tools

“Business intelligence” is an incredibly popular buzzword this year, as businesses try to take advantage of big data analytics and make use of in-house data assets. But business intelligence is, in some ways, a broad and comprehensive heading for a number of different types of tools and processes.

SelectHub6 Key Types of Business Intelligence Tools
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