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Retail Analytics Software Tools: Which Are The Best for Retail Businesses in 2019?

The retail buyer’s experience doesn’t look like it did 10 years ago. In fact, it hardly looks the same from the year before. This is partly due to constant buyer demand and ever-changing buying trends. As a result, businesses could no longer use intuition to predict sales outcomes and instead have come to rely on retail analytics software tools to reduce the risk of human error. The right business analytics tools for retail businesses can be a game changer.

Jason KellerRetail Analytics Software Tools: Which Are The Best for Retail Businesses in 2019?
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What Is Cloud Analytics?

Cloud analytics. Two buzzwords crashed together, that, unlike most other buzzwords, can have serious benefits and implications for your business. If you’re not yet familiar with analytics, it’s a subset of business intelligence, which is anything that can be considered knowledge valuable to operating a business. You might be familiar with Google Analytics, a popular web analytics suite, which is a part of a broader offering of business intelligence and business analytics tools.

Jason KellerWhat Is Cloud Analytics?
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How to Create a Data Analytics RFP

Data and business go together like peanut butter and jelly. It’s no secret that business analytics is fueling the data-driven economy in the hundreds of billions, so we’ve written extensively on the subject and created a list of the top business analytics software vendors to help you navigate the emerging data market space. If you’re one of the thousands of businesses planning on adopting a business analytics platform, then it’s time for you to start drawing up a data analytics RFP for BA software tools.

Jason KellerHow to Create a Data Analytics RFP
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Your Business Analytics Implementation Planning Guide

Believe it or not, just about everything produces actionable data for your business. Website clicks, while a type of analytics, aren’t the only way to let data do the driving. From employee PTO to the number of miles driven by your suppliers, your business is saturated in invisible resources that are just waiting to tell you their stories and bolster your business. Taking advantage of that data is the chief function of business analytics tools, and if you haven’t been following the explosion of business analytics like we have, now is the time to start building your business analytics implementation plan.

Jason KellerYour Business Analytics Implementation Planning Guide
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Data Analytics vs Business Analytics vs Web Analytics vs Big Data vs BI: What are the Differences?

In the world of business software, it can feel like there are way too many buzzwords and industry terms to keep up with. As the software industry continues to grow and advance, more new concepts and trends are added, and the problem compounding all of this is that many of them sound incredibly similar. For example: web analytics vs business analytics. What’s the difference? I’ll answer that question in addition to many more about the different types of analytics and how they compare to each other (such as examining data analytics vs business analytics).

SelectHubData Analytics vs Business Analytics vs Web Analytics vs Big Data vs BI: What are the Differences?
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Visual Analytics Tools: What Are They And Which Should You Use?

“I love to read through thousands of rows of data tables to digest information,” said no one ever. Most of the data you collect through business analytics tools end up in some kind of standard table of rows and columns. Although you could leave it in this form, it’s not only boring to look at, but also incredibly difficult to actually understand the big picture. Sure, you may get a general sense of what the data holds — you may even be able to spot a pattern or two. But to get a true picture of the story your data tells, you need visual analytics tools.

Bergen AdairVisual Analytics Tools: What Are They And Which Should You Use?
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7 Cutting Edge Business Analytics Tools

The popularity of business analytics tools have reached a boiling point in recent years. This change is driven by the need to increase the depths of functionality these tools deliver without a data scientist supporting them.  Businesses are developing advanced technologies to meet this new need, including natural language processing (NLP) and Hadoop. These advances have resulted in a new age of cutting-edge business analytics tools.

Over 100 new business analytics (BA) tools have entered the market within the last 18 months. Defining which are the latest and most popular cutting edge analytics begins with a series of criteria. Once the criteria is created, you must progress through an assessment of each tool’s features. These tools excel in ease of use, intuitive navigation design and depth of integration points.  Each has the potential to scale beyond their core functions to include advanced analytics functionality. Business analytical tools aim to provide deeper insight by adding support of advanced modeling.

Louis Columbus7 Cutting Edge Business Analytics Tools
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Learn the Basics: A Big Data Analytics Crash Course

The future is here, and it comes in the form of data. For businesses of every industry and size, the use of Big Data is only continuing to increase in the age of technology. After all, it’s been one of the most well-known buzzwords of the last few years for a reason. Despite how much it’s talked about, many people still don’t know what Big Data actually is.

Bergen AdairLearn the Basics: A Big Data Analytics Crash Course
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Manufacturing Business Intelligence is Creating a New Era in Business Analytics

Do you ever look around and realize we’re living in the future? Recent years have seen an explosion of new business technologies that feel like something from science fiction. This is especially true for the business analytics (BA) industry. Rapid gains in analytics, big data, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are fueling a new era of manufacturing business intelligence.

Louis ColumbusManufacturing Business Intelligence is Creating a New Era in Business Analytics
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Business Analytics Requirements Checklist

Your organization creates and collects an immense amount of data — probably even more than you realize. What do you do with that data once it’s there? How can it help you? How do you make sense of it?

This is where business analytics comes in. Business analytics tools fall into a subcategory of business intelligence and involves the methodical exploration of data to help businesses make data-driven decisions. It answers all three of the questions posed earlier and then some.

Bergen AdairBusiness Analytics Requirements Checklist
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Dundas vs Sisense

Knowledge is power, and business analytics (BA) give you the knowledge to do what you need for your business to thrive. But there are so many different types of business software out there. How can you choose just one?

Today we’re breaking down the pros and cons of two of the best business analytics tools on the market: Dundas vs Sisense. Hopefully by the time you’re finished reading you’ll feel both knowledgeable and empowered enough to make the right choice for your business.

Bergen AdairDundas vs Sisense
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10 Ways Real-Time Business Analytics Are Driving Revenue

In 2018, real-time analytics will continue to drive new business models, increase insights into customer behavior and be one of the primary catalysts driving a revolution in selling, manufacturing and service. From the algorithms to the applications they power and the systems they enable, companies of all sizes will have a chance to capitalize on real-time analytics.

Louis Columbus10 Ways Real-Time Business Analytics Are Driving Revenue
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