Selecting The Best Cloud Analytics Platform: Trends To Watch In 2016

The bottom line is that the scale, speed of deployment, agility and ability to rapidly prototype analytics workflows on cloud analytics platforms is winning out over more costly and time-consuming alternatives that require IT’s time and attention.

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Cloud analytics and business intelligence (BI) platforms that can responsively scale to support a company’s evolving business models are starting to replace on-premise reporting systems. Legacy systems lack the easily customized user interfaces, self-service and prototyping tools cloud platforms provide. Companies of all sizes today are challenged to scale their new business models and initiatives while keeping existing operations running as efficiently and responsively as possible. As a result, cloud-platform analytics platforms are closing the gap between what legacy systems provide and what enterprises need to compete and grow. The goal of this article is to provide insights into the top trends most influencing cloud analytics selection decisions today. Each of the trends is analyzed below.

Trends Most Influencing Cloud Analytics Platform Selection In 2016

The following trends are having the greatest impact on Cloud Analytics Platforms in 2016:

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