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  • Product Costing - To be a profitable manufacturer you make products and sell them for more than they cost. In modern multi product, multi customer, multi process enterprises it is essential to have advance knowledge of costs by both product as well as by customer, and one of the best ways to obtain this knowledge is through the use of ABC (Activity Based Costing). Your winCapri system incorporates an easy to understand, easy to use ABC module for the purpose. Possession of this information is the first stepping stone to improving profitability, and this information is not generally available off conventional accounting and ERP systems, which by design report in arrear, which is too little and too late.

  • Profitability Analysis - The total profit of your enterprise is the sum of the profits of the individual products sold to individual customers, an important point being that the price of the same product may well differ between customers, as also the cost of servicing them. In order to improve profitability the name of the game is to sell more high contributing products, and re-engineer, price up, or cull poor performers, replacing culled products with new, better potential ones. In a multi product, multi customer enterprise, identifying which is which depends on owning accurate cost and margin data by product and by customer. This may involve a substantial number of line items, best viewed using Pareto (80/20) and / or quadrant analyses. Your winCapri system gives owners and managers immediate personal access to both styles of reporting with just a couple of mouse clicks.

  • Decision Making - Giving owners and managers direct access to reliable, trustworthy cost and profitability analysis information, as will be the case with your winCapri system, empowers these people to develop, test, and implement profitability improvement strategies that will invarably lead to substantial bottom line improvement.

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