Benefits and Insights

Why use Tableau Desktop?

Key differentiators & advantages of Tableau Desktop

  • Visual analysis in a click: This BI solution give you powerful analytical tools—at your fingertips. Filter data dynamically, split trends across different categories or run an in-depth cohort analysis. Double-click geographic fields to put data on an interactive map. All without writing a single line of code. Give intelligence analysts the BI tools they need to scale up a project quickly and effectively in an advanced big data environment.

  • Deep statistics: Go deeper into your data, with new calculations on existing data. Drag reference lines and forecasts, build box plots and see statistical summaries of what comes out of your data warehouse. Experiment with trend analyses, regressions, correlations, and much more. PhD not required. Find business intelligence and analytics results by digging below the surface, with user-friendly BI applications.

  • Metadata management: Make better sense of your available data—quickly and easily. Rename fields and modify number formats. Split your data into multiple fields or combine fields into groups. Create subsets of your data by simply selecting groups of points. Use those sets to filter other views. Now it’s easy for you to make your data understandable to everyone. Refine unstructured data and get all of your assets in front of you for better decision making and transparency, with no silos. 

  • Best practices built in: You get the benefit of years of research on the best ways to represent data, built right into your workflow. Optimized color schemes, automatic chart types and elegant design. Communicate insight in the most effective way, automatically.

  • Data engine: When you want to take data offline or bring it in-memory, Tableau’s Data Engine lets you extract data for ad-hoc analysis of massive data in seconds. It combines advances in database and computer graphics technology to make even huge data sets possible to analyze on laptops or mobile devices.

  • Mapping Beautiful, interactive dashboards and maps are key to understanding what you’re looking at. Double-click geographic fields to put data on a map. Pan, zoom, filter or search to focus on your insights. And with detailed map data worldwide, you can answer questions whether you are working with Australian postcodes or Brazilian municipalities.
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